SimCity makes the case against always-on DRM

Digitally Downloaded writes: "A game like this should be rewarding early adopters, not punishing them. That was what my coworker had said earlier - that he felt like he was being punished for wanting to play the game before it was 'ready for prime time'."

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Yi-Long2027d ago

... EA once again didn't listen to what many of us already feared, and those fears now became true.

Putting an 'always online' demand on a game that many of us have enjoyed and WANT to enjoy as a Single-player game and OFFLINE, has very much ruined the game, at least this first week, for many.

Our 2nd fear and 3rd fear, namely micro-transactions and too small cities, have already been mentioned as well in both feedback as well as (not too admiring) reviews.

After the great Sim City 4, this seems to be the 2nd time EA has screwed up with the Sim City license (the first one being Sim City Societies), not counting the Facebook game.

Such a shame :( I still love Sim City 4 so I guess I'll stick with that.