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Submitted by Jadedz 997d ago | article

If Nintendo Fails, Will the Traditional Game Industry Go With It?

SG: ''I’m worried about Nintendo. Yes, I know that I’ve told you here on SlashGear that I’m not the biggest fan of the Wii (or Wii U, for that matter) and I’m suspect of the value of Nintendo’s games library, but the company is still important to me.'' (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

PSVita  +   997d ago
No. I hope Nintendo becomes just a software developer because the games are amazing but not really worth buying another console for because you'll need a another for 3rd party game. Same goes for MS. Their hardwares ok but they only have halo, gears and forza(kind of) right now. If it weren't for timed exculsives and all that underhanded stuff they started they'd be out of business IMO. Sony also needs to realize that they need to advertise their games more and space them out too. Overall I would want I e company ruling the market so power to the gamer.
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Dylila   997d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
truechainz  +   996d ago
I may have misunderstood your last sentence but it seems like you are saying Sony should be the only console maker. If that is what you're saying that is the worst thing that could happen for gamers. The consumer benefits from competition. That is basic economics.
PSVita  +   996d ago
I wouldn't want any one company ruling the entire market.
PFFT  +   997d ago
They wont fail. I mean look at Vita. Its still alive and kicking.
Ravenor  +   997d ago
Difference being one is Sony, and the other doesn't have nearly the same resonance with people if you're younger than 18. I guarantee you a larger ratio of those who Poo Poo on Nintendo lately are younger.
FriedGoat  +   997d ago
I'm old, and Nintendo haven't been about the games since the Cube. All of their best works are 3 generations ago on the Nintendo 64.
Highlife  +   996d ago
I think the problem is that Nintendo didn't grow old with us. Sony has grown up each gen. They started with cartoony games on the ps1 and have evolved with each console while still having classic games. Nintendo just hasn't grown up with me. They still make the same old games with the same old faces. I will miss you nintendo.
Highlife  +   996d ago
I am 34 and completely disagree with you. I poo poo on Nintendo just for the fact that they just havent matured as a console. I have grown out of it. My kids love it. But for me I moved on.
arbitor365  +   997d ago
if one company goes down they arent going to take the whole console industry with them. that is just silly

if the wii u goes kerplunk, how exactly would that hurt the other consoles? if anything it would mean more sales for them.

and you cant really use competitiveness as an excuse. the wii u isn't pushing the PS4 or 720 in a competitive sense. those consoles are blazing ahead of it on every conceivable level. as far as sony and microsoft are concerned, the wii u doesnt even exist. it's irrelevant to them.
truechainz  +   996d ago
Actually you can use competition as excuse. Less competition is never good for the consumer.
Donnieboi  +   995d ago
Yeah but his point is that nintendo isn't providing meaningful competition. Sony and ms act like nintendo isn't even a factor. So if nintendo fails, it's nothing to sony and ms. Wii u is about as threatening to the ps4/720, as those old Tiger electronics game & watch portable toys are to the ps4. Nintendo is a non-entity to Sony and MS when 2014 begins.
truechainz  +   994d ago
Nintendo has said time and time again that they don't try to be in competition with them. So neither party see's is at competition, but because they are in the same market his point is invalid. Just because you don't think it is meaningful, doesn't change the economics behind competition, and the result would be bad for gamers. Basic economics buddy.
kamikazepikmin  +   996d ago
that post gave mii cancer
MultiConsoleGamer  +   997d ago

This is the 1,000,000th Nintendo is doomed article posted since 1996!
Ravenor  +   997d ago
What did the community at N4G win? I hope it's a 2K Sports branded Dreamcast.
MasterCornholio  +   997d ago
Nintendo has been anything but traditional with their bizarre controller designs. In my opinion the Wii and Wii U controller go against everything that traditional gaming stands for. But that isnt really a problem because the 2 console provides their own unique experiences and if anyone wants to play traditional games they have the Playstation and the XBOX brand to satisfy their needs.
Rask  +   997d ago
Nintendo will never fail.
R_aVe_N  +   997d ago
It is only 1 console generation why is everybody making a big deal about this? It is not like Nintendo is backrupt... Sony had pretty bad sales for awhile and they still managed to stay in the game I don't see a reason why Nintendo won't do the same thing.
Ravenor  +   997d ago
Anything before 2008 is a blur and never actually happened. Sony was always fine, ALWAYS.
Hicken  +   995d ago
When did Sony have bad sales? I recall when they didn't have the BEST sales, but not bad ones. They have, however, had issues with profitability, though a lot of that has had to do with divisions outside of gaming, as well.

And that's one massive difference between Nintendo and Sony or Microsoft: Nintendo only has games. If, for whatever reason, their gaming starts to tank, they don't exactly have money coming in from elsewhere to prop it up. They've got some reserves that would, hopefully, see them through, but they wouldn't have any income, in the meantime.

On the other hand, both Microsoft and Sony have branches in all sorts of areas; did you know Sony sells life insurance? Provided they still have funds incoming from other places, they can "afford" to have their gaming division do poorly.

I don't think they're gonna fail, either way. The Wii U needs some reviving, but the 3DS is selling strongly and will continue to do so.

@Ravenor: What the hell are you talking about, by the way? Wasn't Sony actually MUCH better off before 2008 than the are now, monetarily? Make some sense, would ya?

Edit: NO SHIT, the PS3 lost a lot of money. Who was arguing that? Raven brought up bad sales, so I asked about them. Given your response, it seems that I was correct: they NEVER existed.

Sony's selling assets to increase profitability. I mean, yes, you could say it's to keep them from bankruptcy, but the same could be said of a company deep in the black that did the same thing. After all, you have to make money(not necessarily a profit, mind you) or go bankrupt; there kinda isn't a middle ground. While we're on the subject, what other assets- besides that building- have they sold? Seems they've bought more things, in recently memory, than they've sold. And that's not really the type of thing a company struggling to avoid imminent bankruptcy would do. Which, from a more common sense perspective, means you're over-dramatizing the situation. Not surprising, honestly.

The gaming division IS their bright spot, not used to be. What you're thinking of is back when almost EVERY division was a bright spot. The PS3's cost dimmed that a little, but it's been years since even that was the case: now the gaming division is back to being their most profitable. Sure, if the gaming division went under, it'd be a blow to them. But it'd also be an opportunity to strengthen and redouble their commitments in other areas. Whatever profit is left could be funneled into other areas that need it(as it sometimes happens even now) and, assuming the restructure has been successful in those other areas, they could well see a return to profitability as well.

It's a lot of speculation, but if you base it on current and recently past happenings, it's not an impossibility. Sony COULD survive without gaming, potentially. So could Microsoft, much more easily. Nintendo, on the other hand, IS gaming.

Are any of them going anywhere? Probably not. It'd take a massive reversal of current trends for that.
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MikeMyers  +   994d ago
"When did Sony have bad sales? I recall when they didn't have the BEST sales, but not bad ones. They have, however, had issues with profitability, though a lot of that has had to do with divisions outside of gaming, as well."

The PS3 lost Sony a lot of money. Even when it was priced at $599 they were losing money. It took a few years to start making profits off of the hardware and they used the PS2 to offset those losses. Their gaming division is not nearly as profitable now as it was during the PS2 era.

"On the other hand, both Microsoft and Sony have branches in all sorts of areas; did you know Sony sells life insurance? Provided they still have funds incoming from other places, they can "afford" to have their gaming division do poorly."

Sony can't. In fact they are selling some of their assets off to keep them from bankruptcy. The gaming division used to be one of their bright spots, they can't afford to have the PS4 be met with lukewarm response like the Vita is.

"I don't think they're gonna fail, either way. The Wii U needs some reviving, but the 3DS is selling strongly and will continue to do so."

I don't think Sony or Microsoft will fail either.
Tenkin  +   997d ago
No, nintendo caused the decline of traditional games in the first place
MacDonagh  +   997d ago
No they didn't. Gamers caused the decline of traditional games. Their lust for realistic, violent, "mature" video games caused the decline of traditional games. Nintendo are merely trying to survive since the "hardcore" ditched them in the Gamecube era.
Deadpool616  +   997d ago
You'd be surprise how much money Nintendo has collected over the past 20 years. They have a pretty good reserve from console sales and handhelds. I'd doubt they're going anywhere soon.

As for the Wii U, I'm going to give it time. I usually wait 2 years after a console releases to make a final judgement on it's fate. 2 years is also how long it takes for me to determine if I'm going to buy a console.

This makes me wonder what all the companies have in store for E3. Particularly Nintendo.
Garrison  +   997d ago
I think most people love Nintendo Games, they just don't love Nintendo Systems. I know that in my case, I've bought Nintendo consoles so I can play Nintendo Games, that's all. Nothing more and nothing less.

I don't think most reasonable gamers out there want to see Nintendo die out as a company, they would rather just not have to buy another extra console just to play a select few games.

Sadly as stubborn as Nintendo as a company is, they will most likely just let the company die out rather than work on competing consoles. If I'm not mistaken they have expressed this before.

If Nintendo fails, it will be their own fault. I'm not exactly sure what the author categorizes as "traditional" gaming on this opinion piece thou. I remember gaming always having violent titles even on the Nes era. Viper on the Nes was one of my favorite games and you would kill drug dealers in that one.
ozzywazzy  +   996d ago
Hello, I'm ozzywazzy and I agree with this message.
a_adji  +   996d ago
A company can't fail based on one console when they have Nintendo money. It seems everyone wants to predict Nintendo's fait bar the company themselves because they no their resources. Personally stories like these need to stop unless the have an insight into the companies assets.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   996d ago
I would say so. They are the only ones who still make accessible and arcade-y games, even if they happen to have a shiny new coat of paint each generation.

Gamers nowadays only want story, realism and multiplayer. I blame them for the reason why a perfect arcade-y, unrealistic franchise like SSX was completely raped of its charm.
ApolloTheBoss  +   996d ago
I don't want it to happen but Nintendo's gonna go the way of Sega eventually if they keep ignoring 3rd party developers. They really have just jump on the bandwagon and get out of the past.
a_adji  +   996d ago
But then what happens with originality or are you happy with a cod every year? Had it not been for then we would only see an increase in power every 5 years and playing with joysticks from Atari still.

What people need to realise is that Peter Moore killed Sega not anyone else.
ApolloTheBoss  +   996d ago
When I said going the way of Sega I meant them becoming a software-only company.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   996d ago
"NO". the only possible aspect in gaming that they will fail is in hardware manufacturing but I dont think that would happen. Even if it did they will still be creating games just like sega who became a software only company.
gattlincontroller   996d ago | Spam
skyrimer  +   996d ago
On the contrary, Nintendo is suffering because they ignored gamers almost completely last generation, going for casuals, granma tennis, dance with your buddies and stay fit, and barely gave us a handful of real games on the Wii, so our Wiis were left taking dust in the shelves. Now many gamers don't trust Nintendo, and with good reason, they tried yet again on getting those same casuals with the tablet thing, but this time it hasn't worked out at all, and many gamers have moved somewhere else.
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CaptainN  +   996d ago
Really ????? Nintendo ignored gamers ???? More like gamers ignored Nintendo, and your proving that right now! Let see what Nintendo made for gamers on Wii, shall we.

Metroid Prime 3
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Metroid Other M
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Super Mario Bros All Stars
Zelda Twilight Princess
Zelda Skyward Sword
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Excite Truck
Excite Bots
The Last Story
Pandoras Tower
Sin & Punishement 2
Mario Kart Wii
Battalion Wars 2
Fire Emblem
Animal Crossing
Super Paper Mario
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Kirbys Epic Yarn
Kirby. 20th Anniversary Collection
Disaster Day of Crisis (outside USA)
Regienliev (outside USA)
Fatal Frame 2 remake (outside USA)
Fatal Frame 4 (outside USA)

Now let's look at some of their casual/family games

Wii Sports
Wii Sports Resorts
Wii Fit
Wii Fit Plus
Wii Play
Wii Play 2
Wii Music
Wii Chess (outside USA)
Links Crossbow Training
Mario Party
Fortune Street

Yea, the way it looks.......gamers forgot about Nintendo, not the other way around!
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zeldafreak404  +   996d ago
Nintendo can afford to fail unlike sony but anyways they (nintendo)will just come back stronger IMHO
MegaLagann  +   996d ago
Oh yay, another Nintendo is doomed post. Sorry if I don't put much stock in the same people that told me Nintendo is finished for the past twenty years now.
kamikazepikmin  +   996d ago
shut up you piece of garbage troll

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