Key to SimCity locked behind bars of piracy, refunds denied

Anti-piracy measures have crippled a popular game's launch, as frustrated players the world over demand refunds over internet and server issues.

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DarthZoolu1991d ago

We have to stop treating games and all media different than other products! If you dont like a shirt, you take it back. If you get really bad service or food or both at a restaurant you don't pay. People should not be forced to keep pieces of crap like Alien:CM or SimCity you cant play or SWTOR that came unfinished. I bet no 1 wanted to return Skyrim, because its good. if you make good products we will buy it and like it, if you make a piece of s*** we should be able to get our money back.

Cirran1991d ago

As much as I agree its still difficult to regulate digital purchases...They need to add a system like on the android play store. You can return anything bought within 15mins of buying it. All digital purchases should legally have something like this implemented.

Eamon1991d ago

hmm didn't know there was a 15 min refund policy on Android Play Store. Very interesting.

Cirran1991d ago

There is for me in UK. Has come in handy lots.

HammadTheBeast1991d ago

And the funniest part of all is that Sim City is getting rampant piracy as people crack the game and unlock "Single-Player" and break the DRM.

Thanks EA.

pompombrum1991d ago

Apart from there is no crack for it yet.

Eamon1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

'Yet' is the key word. I don't think I've heard of any PC game that hasn't eventually been cracked.

EA and the rest are living in the past. They need to take lessons from Valve and CDProjekt Red. There's a good reason why Steam and GoG are successful.

fermcr1991d ago

There comes to mind 2 PC games that aren't cracked (or well cracked)... Diablo 3 and Football Manager 2013.

HammadTheBeast1991d ago

That's what you think. It was done 2 days ago.

fermcr1991d ago

Diablo 3 wasn't cracked... and i think Simcity uses a similar drm protection. I don't think SimCity is going to get cracked.

Th3 Chr0nic1991d ago

check again, diablo has been cracked. it just took longer than average

fermcr1991d ago

NO. Diablo 3 is NOT cracked. Some people created a cracked server, but it's not the original server and it's no where near the original. You can play the game, but you can't play the original game, unless you buy it.

tachy0n1991d ago

o'really EA? no refunds?

off to thepiratebay to find the crack and crack the game since people paid money for this its the right thing to do.

harrisk9541991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Can everyone repeat after me:


People often malign attorneys and class actions, but this is the reason for these types of lawsuits, to punish companies and prevent them from putting broken products and services into the stream of commerce. One person cannot afford to sue over a $60.00 game, but thousands banded together have power.

Honestly, for EA not to reimburse or offer refunds to purchasers is beyond the pale. They should be sued as a warning to the game companies out there (I'm looking at you EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Blizzard, to name a few). If you are going to put systems in place to not allow owners of a game to play their legal purchase, then you need to be sued so that it does not continue to happen in the future.

2pacalypsenow1991d ago

And people want an all digital console lol at least physical copies can be sold