'SimCity' averages one star from 1,000 Amazon reviews

At its core, SimCity seems to be a quality entry in the city-building franchise. However, extreme functionality issues have led legions of angry buyers to give the game less-than-stellar reviews on Amazon.

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LordHiggens1987d ago

1,000 well deserved 1 star reviews...

Derekvinyard131987d ago

These guys really shot themselves in the foot, it pisses me off that sites like IGN, game spot ETC aren't reviewing the game AS IS because if you can't release a working game without a backup plan, there should be consequences. Remove DRM, that's it. eA can't keep doing this, really hope this isn't the new norm

Cupid_Viper_31986d ago

" it pisses me off that sites like IGN, game spot ETC aren't reviewing the game AS IS because if you can't release a working game without a backup plan, there should be consequences"

Those standards you speak of only apply to Certain exclusives on a certain console.

mi_titan271986d ago

remove the constant on, ill be the first in line to buy the game, but a single player game like sim city should NOT be always on!!!

UnholyLight1986d ago


Which console might that be?

DeadlyFire1986d ago

I wouldn't hold the DRM against them if you own any Steam or Blizzard title. They each have their DRM setup now. Sure its pesky for the newcomers like Blizzard and EA, but Valve has it right and it works just fine for 100% of its consumers.

EA isn't going to remove DRM. They should have shifted more servers for their game's launch and people wouldnt have even noticed a thing.

As for the game's gameplay. It seems alright from the outside. DRM isn't going to stop people from buying it. Not enough servers for their own service is the issue at heart of all of this negative aim at the game.

Bladesfist1986d ago

I would hold it against them. There are two types of DRM. Type 1 is unintrusive DRM like a CD Key check or like steam (automatic CD key check). Type 2 Pirated copy is hands down better than what you are offering. If it is possible to play the pirated copy offline and you can not with a legit copy you have just lost a ton of customers. If it is only possible to play the pirated version then again you have lost more customers. DRM will stop people from buying it.

DeadlyFire1986d ago

I know, but it still won't stop the majority. It might stop some, but it will still sell large numbers. Diablo 3 sold 12 Million in 2012 even with its DRM crash problems at its launch. :P

Pirating always happens regardless. Some will goto it yes, and others will not. All will not.

Bladesfist1986d ago

What I am saying is this DRM will hurt them. People who are burnt are less likely to buy an EA game again and more likely to pirate. People who have read about this may decide they want the better, playable free version.

Saryk1986d ago

I disagree Bladsfist about the DRM. What pisses people off is that the game isn't running. Had people be able to play their game, DRM wouldn't have mattered. Since this is the servers and massive people crashing them, the DRM is what is in the lime light.

ThreshStar1986d ago


...and had the game been inundated with an "Offline single-player" function, we'd' just hear news articles about the Multiplayer element not working, but hey, enjoy the Single Player!

The fact that people can't play the game AT ALL IS BECAUSE THE DRM.

They're mutually exclusive; no DRM = offline single-player capability like a lot of other games right now.

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asmith23061986d ago

I actually think it's a disgrace that gamers do this to games because of DRM issues. I can't imagine the how the devs who slogged hard for years at this feel when seeing something like this. The DRM issue is not their fault what so ever. I'm all for protest but hitting a games review score is not the way to go about it.

mav8051986d ago

What would you have them do? To many consumers the difference between the Developer and the Publisher is irrelevant. If anything maybe this gives the Developers recourse against the Publishers, more power to say, we made this great game, it's YOUR policies and practices that caused the game to tank, now just let us make the game the way want.

tachy0n1986d ago

look at this people!

just find the crack and crack the game, since you bought the game there is no problem with cracking it....

off to the piratebay you should go and download the crack.



mynameisEvil1986d ago

There ISN'T a crack on PirateBay yet.

PSA: If any of you see an upload on the PirateBay that's from anyone except probably HeroMaster or Extremezone, don't touch it. Better yet, if you're just going for cracks, why not go to GameCopyWorld?

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dirthurts1987d ago

I'm glad to see that DRM is working out for you...

aliengmr1987d ago

EA: "Just that pesky vocal minority, SimCity is spectacular!"

You know its coming.

ApolloTheBoss1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Believe in the power of Karma. This is gonna come back to bite EA on the a**.

SilentNegotiator1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

You know the kind of game publisher that does bad things and wonders why their sales suck? Well, that was me. Every time something good happened, something bad was always waiting around the corner. Karma. That's when I realized, my DRM policy had to change. So I made a list of every game with bad DRM I had ever made and 1 by 1, I'm going to patch out all of my mistakes. I'm just trying to be a better games company.

My Name is EArl.

ApolloTheBoss1986d ago

Lol awesome. Wish they would wake up and realize their mistakes.

PockyKing1987d ago

And of course we get the people who say "we told you so", but bought the game anyways just to complain, smh. I don't feel sorry for anyone who bought the game day one and can't get it to work. It's a common thing for games like this to have problems day one, especially if it's all based on inter-connectivity.

mistertwoturbo1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I believe some people might have not been aware of the DRM online-only method.

Some people figure, I just want to play Single Player and skip the Multiplayer.

Buys the game, goes home, loads it and then can't log on.

Not everyone "knows" of what goes on the games industry like we do.

PockyKing1987d ago

Certainly true, I meant mostly the people bitching online about it who KNEW it wouldn't work on day one, yet still bought it and then cry "FUCK EA" all day long lol.

PurpHerbison1986d ago

Sad part is, the people that DO know of what goes on hardly ever spread the word and on top of it, they keep supporting said companies.

Derekvinyard131987d ago

The average joe just wants to play single player and that's it, can't wait to see how people really react, surprised this hasn't hit the news yet

mistertwoturbo1987d ago

Yeah that is true, for those who already KNEW about the DRM, shouldn't have bought it lol

DarthZoolu1986d ago

Thats silly! Games should work with all features available day one. We pay more for games than any other form of media, so get it right! AT LAUNCH!

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