Famitsu Review Soul Sacrifice

Famitsu has been the first to review the expected Playstation Vita title Soul Sacrifice.

The magazine has given a total of 37 out of 40 (10/9/9/9) claiming that the game it's very fun but the best experience is found in the multiplayer.

Famitsu categorizes the game as "another hunting game" but with its own personality, a touching story and a duration of more than 25 hours of single player.

Other details informs that it counts with more than 300 types of magic with a deep crafting system, the possibility of continuing fighting even after death and the highest difficulty level will be a whole challenge.

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Xaphy1872d ago

Have to finish Persona 4 before this comes out.

Apollosupreme1871d ago

I'm gonna wait until it hits a sale on PS Plus. I've got a a large quantity of games already on my memory card from PS Plus give aways to all the Vita/PSP related sales over the past months on PSN.

Apollosupreme1871d ago

That is, once it comes to NA haha. So I won't be playing this until the fall probably. Between this and Killzone it's gonna be a great fall for me. In the meantime, time to get through the backlog.

sypher1872d ago

Nice to hear, been watching online gameplay on youtube since its release. Cant wait to get my hands on it later this year.

IMightBeRetarded1871d ago

I need to buy a new roof because my hype for this game just broke through it.
Now that I'm done with my terrible joke, this his looking very impressive and should sell quite a few vitas. Especially in Japan.

talocaca1872d ago

Seems like a hit to me!....Already seen some people playing it and it just came I just wonder how big will it be?

I saw two ladies on her 30's buying vitas with the game it has potential to be more mainstream than Phantasy Star....

Fingers crossed! Seems like a well crafted game!

sherimae24131872d ago

your in japan talocaca-chan? ^_^

R_aVe_N1872d ago

Very excited to get my hands on this game looks like it will be just as much fun as Monster Hunter was XD

MestreRothN4G1872d ago

Argh! I didnt want to HAVE to buy a Vita.

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