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Submitted by Erimgard 995d ago | opinion piece

Zelda Doesn’t Need a Reboot, Here’s Why

Popular franchises like Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry have recently opted for reboots, starting each series over from square one with new (but familiar) stories and gameplay mechanics. Many have called for the Legend of Zelda series to do the same, but when you step back and take a good look at the series it becomes apparent that rebooting is not the answer to Zelda‘s problems. (3DS, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   995d ago
Each new Zelda is a new version of Hyrule with a new line of characters. Some of the names and likenesses are shared, but Zelda and Link from, for example, Ocarina of Time, are technically not the same as the Link and Zelda you may find in Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess. They are either descendants or reincarnations, basically.

So you could just do a sequel and make it thematically different. I'm still waiting for a Zelda game with a female Link for example. I think that would be cool.
Erimgard  +   995d ago
I'd love some thematic changes, but I can't see the Zelda team opting to make Link a girl any time soon.
PopRocks359  +   995d ago
That's okay. Everyone has different views and I'm well aware mine are obscure in this regard. I honestly don't expect to see Link as a girl anytime soon either. I'd just like to see it happen one day.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   995d ago
It kind of reminds me of Doctor Who.
(Most) Everyone wants the Doctor to show up in a less traditional form at least once-

It wouldn't bother me if they changed Link-

In fact, I am imagining a cool opening animation where the villagers are looking for the hero amongst the young men.

Only to find all signs point to a girl.

Could even have a Groose-like hero that looks exactly like a traditional Link.

Maybe the reason could be that the Goddess has to hide the Hero even more carefully, so she reincarnates Link as girl/ woman.
Or maybe this Link has to train with the Gerudo in the desert.

Anyway, I'll play it either way.
Samus is one of my favorite video game PEOPLE.

PS Great Art. I agree, no reboot needed.
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kirbyu  +   995d ago
An even better idea may be they don't reincarnate him as a human, but as a Goron, or an Octorok, or a Pichu, something.
joab777  +   995d ago
Exactly...its always a reboot. The argument should be about how it will look or play. It is time to take it HD, make it look great, add some voices. the quality will have to be top notch, and i have no worries. Bit, it could be epic on next gen.
kirbyu  +   995d ago
I wanna see a Zelda game that's set in the future.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   995d ago
I have always wanted a CRISIS: MULTIPLE Time Line Event-
where a new Link is forced to run around in the game worlds and styles of other links in order to preserve Space Time.


1) I would like to see them bring in more back the Majora's Mask dynamics.
I would love to see characters that have complex moment pattern across the world and in towns. Not just time or accomplishment based appearances-
Maybe you will have to use the gamepad to draw know their usual routes during certain times of day.

2) Z2's RPG
3) Z:SS Silent Realm Puzzles & Weapon Upgrade...

>>>But for now I am satisfied with their renewed aim to make the dungeons accessible out of sequence.
MattyG  +   995d ago
"CRISIS: MULTIPLE Time Line Event"
This. I want it.
Erimgard  +   995d ago
Legend of Zelda: Doctor Who Edition
FalconR289  +   995d ago
InTheZoneAC  +   995d ago
Nintendo needs to release a game that looks and plays similar to link to the past, not this cel shaded bs that people call wind waker.

they did it with Mario and donkey kong.

what about Zelda, what about a pokemon game for the wii u that's like every gb/gbc/gba/ds release minus black/white?

what about a new contra game just like the snes version but for the wii u, where's double dragon and battletoads?

since Nintendo doesn't care the least about graphics, at least bring us some revamped classics with a new story/game...
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Erimgard  +   995d ago
I'd like to see another top down view/2D style Zelda, but I think it would be better suited for the 3DS.

Wii U has HD visuals...might as well use them.
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InTheZoneAC  +   995d ago
you can, but since Nintendo insists on relying on their own games, why not expand and do what made them big to begin with...

I'm sure a lot of older Nintendo fans, like myself, would gladly go back to owning a Nintendo if they did things like this.
deafdani  +   995d ago
Wow, so many things wrong with your statements...

1. That cell shaded bs that people call Wind Waker is, according to many, one of the best looking games of all time.

2. They did it with Mario and Donkey Kong, sure. But none of the New Super Mario games, that play so similarly as the old Mario games, have been as well rated as Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 or Mario 3D Land... as in, the games that shake up the formula.

3. About Zelda... uh. What about it? The series has been pretty well rated so far, so Nintendo doesn't "need" to do any of what you said. Admiteddly, it would be nice if they made something more akin to Link to the Past, but that would probably be a better fit for the 3DS rather than Wii U.

4. New Contra game, Battletoads, Double Dragon... what? None of these are Nintendo properties.

5. Nintendo doesn't care about graphics: see the Mario Galaxy games, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid Prime games and yes, Metroid Other M, and Xenoblade Chronicles, not to mention about every Zelda game ever. All games with high production values and a lot of care in the technical and art direction aspects. Now imagine what Nintendo will do now that they have a proper HD console.

Bubbled down for trolling.
Ben_Rage_3  +   995d ago
I agree Zelda doesn't need a reboot, but the article acts as if Skyward Sword didn't address the writer's two main issues. Story and new villain. Skyward Sword had the most fleshed out story by far of any Zelda game and I personally loved it. And Skyward Sword had a brand new villain. So, I'm little confused here. SS broke several of the tradition conventions of past Zelda games, while still not abandoning some of the core ideas that make these games so memorable. Upgrading items by collecting different plants and such. And the fact that there was no boomerang, and the . . . sword fighting was very different from any previous Zelda game. I think SS was a great step in the right direction and as long as Nintendo continues to innovate I see no reason to worry about the series becoming stagnant. This article doesn't make a valid point imo.
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Erimgard  +   995d ago
The villain of SS was blatantly and admittedly a Ganon clone/prequel.

The story was good and did some new things, but a lot of it was references to things that other games have talked about as past events. Fun for longtime fans, but nothing new really.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   995d ago
I agree

I have said that SS is my 1 or 2 favorite Zelda.

I liked the story so much that I would even love to play an direct sequel of the game. Picking up where the last one started.

But I know everyone has their own favorites.

Lots of people hated the motion controls and I did too-
-I beat Ghirahim. Actually, I really hated motion controls during that fight- I blamed everything on the Wii-mote.
later esp. during the Lightening Challenge Boss Battles I realized how much better I had gotten. It took me 10 minutes or more to beat Ghirahim the 1st time (may have even died do to impatience) but later I was killing him in a minute to 2 minutes if not less.

Anyway, SS was near perfect to me- I could think of things they could improve but it would more than likely be along the lines of more land more adventure and more bomb-bowling.
nerdkiller  +   995d ago
link to the future. i heard god of war 4 got bad reviews i want to come back to zelda but wii zeldas have stunk
baraka007  +   995d ago
not all zelda games have zelda in it or hyrule. Windwaker and Link's awakening from way back on the gameboy are both good and not just the same IMO.
TuxedoMoon  +   995d ago
Each Zelda game is different...So there really isn't a need to a reboot at all. Reboots are typically for old games that need reviving or for sequels that have become a little too complicated or stuck in a rut...or if a company just FEELS likes rebooting a game franchise...
Raider69  +   995d ago
I would like to see a more mature and dark Zelda this new generation!If not atleast a revamp in the game dificulty,Zelda games are too easy!
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FalconR289  +   995d ago
Give Zelda II a whirl, if you already haven't.

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