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Adam got his hands on God of War: Ascension. See if this early glimpse into Kratos' life does the epic series justice or if it deserves to be banished to the depths of the underworld!

Set before the original God of War, God of War: Ascension aims to show off more of Kratos' human side. But is the prequel a steller addition to the epic franchise, or is it a forgettable iteration? Watch Adam Sessler's review to find out!

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plaZeHD2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Finally the more accurate review, but not score.

BigStef712026d ago

I think its really a 4/5 but he marked it down another point because of that trophy name which in my opinion is pretty unnecessary lol

NukaCola2026d ago

Killing a Fury and calling it a ho is offensive when it's not a real creature, not a human or god or anything in it's own legend, let alone anything more than pixelated 1s and 0s in motion is a bit silly there Adam.

This should easily mean that the next GTA V should get docked points for having sexually explicit and down right vulgar content, based on this logic.

Adam Sessler is an awesome gaming journalist, but I think he went a little too liberal for the context in which this game should be looked at. Yes, the GOW series has always been a little more adult than just M Rated, but Kratos wasn't beating women for the sake of it, he was killing a Fury who isn't actually a woman at all.

showtimefolks2026d ago

oh adam its video game and its just meant as a joke why so serious.

but that difficult part towards the end hopefully will be patched up soon because if rest of the game feels good and only one part is super hard and full of cheap deaths than its unfair

Derekvinyard132026d ago

Dammit G4 screwed up when they let all these guys go, even Kevin perrera was a good host. I miss sessler a lot he's a smart guy old days of G4 are gone

morganfell2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Kevin a good host? All of his attempts at smarmy comments and straining to be hip...which inevitably came off as not hip.

Leo Laporte BEFORE G4 when it was Tech TV. Now there was a host.

G4 screwed up when it became G4.

Irishguy952026d ago

Never heard of Adam Sessler?

Reverent2026d ago

Lol seriously. Where has this guy been?

Aussiegamer2026d ago

Joke is a joke guys I forgot to add the /sarcasm.

My bad.

Reverent2026d ago

Yeah... I don't think you were being sarcastic...

Smashbro292026d ago

I never pay attention to the score because it's just some stupid number but Adam Sessler makes amazing points.

krontaar2026d ago

I would agree if it werent for his feminazi rant. That was uncalled for.

BanBrother2026d ago

The review was good, but I'd bump the score up. What you are supposed to take from a review is the content, and give it your own score. The score at the end of a review is almost unnecessary if you can read for yourself.

The trophy name is bad though. Imagine if it was killing a black guy and they had a racist ring to the trophy? This is just the same basically. Off-putting trophy, but it doesn't sour the overall game, which I'm sure Sessler is smart enough to take into consideration.

Smashbro292026d ago

I mean in general the scores are arbitrary and have very little basis, after reading a review I'm almost always shocked at the score.

He gave a great review but when he gets to the number... I just don't care.

GenericNameHere2026d ago

I saw boobies in the beginning... The law of the Internet states that anything with boobs (except hairy man-boobs) are perfect. Therefore, this review is TEH BIAZ!


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