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Submitted by 8GB_DDR3 1073d ago | review

God of War Ascension Video Review -Rev3Games

Adam got his hands on God of War: Ascension. See if this early glimpse into Kratos' life does the epic series justice or if it deserves to be banished to the depths of the underworld!

Set before the original God of War, God of War: Ascension aims to show off more of Kratos' human side. But is the prequel a steller addition to the epic franchise, or is it a forgettable iteration? Watch Adam Sessler's review to find out! (God of War: Ascension, PS3) 3/5

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plaZeHD  +   1073d ago
Finally the more accurate review, but not score.
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BigStef71  +   1073d ago
I think its really a 4/5 but he marked it down another point because of that trophy name which in my opinion is pretty unnecessary lol
plaZeHD  +   1073d ago
NukaCola  +   1073d ago
Killing a Fury and calling it a ho is offensive when it's not a real creature, not a human or god or anything in it's own legend, let alone anything more than pixelated 1s and 0s in motion is a bit silly there Adam.

This should easily mean that the next GTA V should get docked points for having sexually explicit and down right vulgar content, based on this logic.

Adam Sessler is an awesome gaming journalist, but I think he went a little too liberal for the context in which this game should be looked at. Yes, the GOW series has always been a little more adult than just M Rated, but Kratos wasn't beating women for the sake of it, he was killing a Fury who isn't actually a woman at all.
showtimefolks  +   1073d ago
oh adam its video game and its just meant as a joke why so serious.

but that difficult part towards the end hopefully will be patched up soon because if rest of the game feels good and only one part is super hard and full of cheap deaths than its unfair
Derekvinyard13  +   1073d ago
Dammit G4 screwed up when they let all these guys go, even Kevin perrera was a good host. I miss sessler a lot he's a smart guy old days of G4 are gone
morganfell  +   1073d ago
Kevin a good host? All of his attempts at smarmy comments and straining to be hip...which inevitably came off as not hip.

Leo Laporte BEFORE G4 when it was Tech TV. Now there was a host.

G4 screwed up when it became G4.
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Aussiegamer  +   1073d ago ummmmm ok
Irishguy95  +   1073d ago
Never heard of Adam Sessler?
Reverent  +   1073d ago
Lol seriously. Where has this guy been?
Aussiegamer  +   1073d ago
Joke is a joke guys I forgot to add the /sarcasm.

My bad.
Reverent  +   1073d ago
Yeah... I don't think you were being sarcastic...
Smashbro29  +   1073d ago
I never pay attention to the score because it's just some stupid number but Adam Sessler makes amazing points.
krontaar  +   1073d ago
I would agree if it werent for his feminazi rant. That was uncalled for.
BanBrother  +   1073d ago
The review was good, but I'd bump the score up. What you are supposed to take from a review is the content, and give it your own score. The score at the end of a review is almost unnecessary if you can read for yourself.

The trophy name is bad though. Imagine if it was killing a black guy and they had a racist ring to the trophy? This is just the same basically. Off-putting trophy, but it doesn't sour the overall game, which I'm sure Sessler is smart enough to take into consideration.
Smashbro29  +   1073d ago
I mean in general the scores are arbitrary and have very little basis, after reading a review I'm almost always shocked at the score.

He gave a great review but when he gets to the number... I just don't care.
GenericNameHere  +   1073d ago
I saw boobies in the beginning... The law of the Internet states that anything with boobs (except hairy man-boobs) are perfect. Therefore, this review is TEH BIAZ!

Jek_Porkins  +   1073d ago
Great review.
yesmynameissumo  +   1073d ago
Sex mini games = ok. Years of Lara Croft tit shots = ok. Robbing hookers in GTA = ok. A trophy with "ho" in the name = misogynistic.
Unicron  +   1073d ago
Careful there! You're using logic!
Veneno   1073d ago | Offensive
Heavenly King  +   1073d ago

This game deserves a 9/10!!
RTheRebel  +   1073d ago
Bros before hoes!! Really??
Excellent review sess
Hopefully santa monica make a new IP, Next Gen
Chapulin  +   1073d ago
He could not pass a hard part and then he hates the trophy "Bros before Hos". What a pansy.
StinKyNuGz  +   1073d ago
It's a trophy wtf
bacrec1  +   1073d ago
StinKyNuGz  +   1073d ago
I like it tho Lol....
bacrec1  +   1073d ago
lol x2
Kane22  +   1073d ago
he got mad over a damn trophy name.....
TheFallenAngel  +   1073d ago
This was a great review and I'm scared that they ruined my favorite franchise of all time.
PirateThom  +   1073d ago
I am actually put off by the trophy name. I think it's more the whole phrase more than the "ho" word. In fact, I agree with him about the whole "bro" mentality of the thing. It doesn't even seem like it's done for irony.

I really, really am and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would have thought it was a good idea, especially from a respected developer like Sony Santa Monica
Veneno  +   1073d ago
Agree. I wonder if anyone there at all even brought up the possibility that it was trashy. The smart thing to do would have been to not take the risk over such a cheap, creatively bankrupt joke and take 2 more secomds to name the trophy someting better.
Cyrax4  +   1073d ago
Todd Pappy actually said it was a female producer who came up with the name.

Judging by your pathetic comment, she would probably call you a pussy and laugh at you.
Veneno  +   1073d ago
First, we will never know for sure who came up with the trophy name and if they were female, if could just be a cover-up because that can never be proven.

Second, it doesn't matter at all if it was a female because there will be a lot of confusion as the phrase"bros before hoes" is used completely out of context with the events of the game. We use the phrase when a guy decides to put his friends in priority even though he is seeing a woman. Unless Sessler wanted to keep from spoiling that Kratos has a relationship with this woman and is still keeping his bros in Sparta close to him, the phrase is out of place.

The trophy name seems to instead celebrate that Kratos beat a woman to death. If there was no misogyny intended, why refer to to the fact that the person he just beat to death was a woman? From my example above, if it was a black, hispanic, asian, etc, would they refer to their race in the trophy as well?
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ILive  +   1073d ago
If he hadnt mentioned anything about it and you played the game and got the trophy, then it probably would not have been that big of a deal to you. You literally punched zeus' face to mush in 3. Its just a game, a trophy. Not a big deal, really. Lest of course someone wants to make it a big deal.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1073d ago
Nice guys finish last sessler, that pro feminist rant won't get you any closer to getting laid.
Veneno  +   1073d ago
Good one Bro!!!!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1073d ago
hes already married
x5exotic  +   1073d ago
Doesn't count. A wife has to get laid not because she wants to (lel)
Derekvinyard13  +   1073d ago
RememberThe357  +   1073d ago
I get the feeling that he gave the game a 3/5 instead of the 4/5 because of the "Bro Before Hos" trophy.

But this is the best review I've seen/read in a very long time. Critical yet not demeaning, and very informative. He actually explains what he likes and doesn't like and why he feels that way. Too often we get "this is cool, this sucks" and thats it, no explanation. I'm still looking forward to this game, but now my expectations are tempered. And speaking of temper, I'm gonna have to prepare myself for that end battle he was talking about.
Eazy-Eman  +   1073d ago
That last rant about the trophy was totally uncalled for. It's just a joke Adam, chill. You'll get over it. Hopefully it's just him because I feel like if others feel the same way he does we can expect an onslaught of articles about this tomorrow on N4g
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Cyrax4  +   1073d ago
What a complete douchebag. Don't mind the score because I won't be playing the game, but holy shit I hate people who pretend to be offended at everything.

Where's your outrage at Tomb Raider for awarding a trophy (Widowmaker) to the player (a woman) for killing 40 enemies (all men) with a shotgun?

I can see why he was fired by G4 and moped about various video game sites for several months after.

Guy's a balding loser.
smashcrashbash  +   1073d ago
So wait, you guys are serious? He brought down the score because of the trophy name? I hope not because that is very unprofessional. If hew did that then I am seriously questioning Adam's judgement especially after that spotty Sly 4 review.
cleverusername  +   1073d ago
Remember, this is the guy who 'loved' Sly games yet marked Sly 4 down for being a Sly game!
Raider69  +   1073d ago
He did not brought down the score because of a trophy name,people are the ones that think so!He gives valid points in the review to give that score to the game in hes point of view!
black911  +   1073d ago
Bros before a garden tool.

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought MLB 13 so God of war your next after a price drop.
GusBricker  +   1073d ago
He's SO right about losing Kratos in the background. That happened several times to me while playing the demo.
cleverusername  +   1073d ago
They add multiplayer and the single player suffers! Not the 1st time that's happened this gen!!
Raider69  +   1073d ago
Not every game needs MP but it seems devs and especially publishers dont think so!I have to say that if this trend of MP continues during the next generation many games are going to suffer a bad fate;the tides are changing once more and i see that many people are getting full of MP due to oversaturation of the same in the last 7 to 10 years without any new and valid change in the formula!
smashcrashbash  +   1073d ago
Yawn.The single player didn't suffer. People are bringing down it's score because they say it is 'more of the same'. The multiplayer element had nothing to do with it.It's the same GOW just like all the rest.It even plays better then GOW 3.Sony Santa Monica don't do things half way.That is EA and Activision's department.
R_aVe_N  +   1073d ago
I am not sure why he had that much trouble with that part of the game. There is nothing wrong with that trophy name I have seen much worse trophy names in games. The camera does get kinda of wonky at times though. The moves sets are done that way on purpose Kratos was not always a pimp daddy. The multiplayer is very enjoyable, and does not feel tact on like most games these days *cough* Tomb Raider *cough*
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1073d ago
I don't know if gamers and reviewers now a days is very hard to please with triple AAA games even though its a prequel or sequel. they always complain about something. its like theyre trying so hard to find a negative aspect of the game. there are many games which is scored at an average of 80 below and yet when I finished the game I enjoyed it and was pleased. Sometimes you do not always listen to reviewers. just watch the review and if your gut feeling tells you its a good game regardless of its score then go for it!! you cant go wrong.
TwoMinTy  +   1072d ago
The trophy may not be "necessary", but is really this big of an issue? If i were playing through the game, and that trophy popped up after i killed a fury, my first thought would not be "how offensive! that's so sexist!". It'd be more like "Oh look I got a trophy"
Bigkdog81  +   1068d ago
I'm a bald guy. I'm offended cause this game portrays bald men as always angry and kills women and children.

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