Crysis 3 Review (Maximum PC)

Maximum PC: PC gaming is where you go for high-octane visuals, and the original Crysis was no exception when it dropped in 2007. The highly anticipated sequel in 2011, however, proved a less ambitious affair. We traded a vast, free-roam jungle for the relatively restricted avenues of a war-torn New York City. There was usually more than one route to take, but this more linear experience arrived with some seams showing: Its advanced graphical options were inaccessible, the AI did not impress, and it did not even use DirectX 11 (at first). Crysis 3 fares better in some ways, but not in others.

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AKS1961d ago

7.5 to 8 out of 10 seems about right. Quality seemed to definitely be up even if quantity is a bit down. I'd take quality in that trade any day of the week. It's a bit more open and is generally enjoyable. They still have work to do on the story and AI, but otherwise this was a better game than Crysis 2 in most respects.