No Mandatory Install for God of War: Ascension, HD up to 1080i, The Last of Us Demo Due April 17th

It seems as though we just can’t stop posting about God of War: Ascension today, even as our review, trophy guide, and more are already posted here on PSLS.

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TrendyGamers1905d ago

Always good to know I can jump right into the game once I bring it home.

Irishguy951905d ago

Most devs don't make such a linear experience.

GenericNameHere1905d ago

Why do people think linear games are so bad? Some games benefit from being linear, and the videogame market is fine with linear games. Just like with movies, songs, and other type of media, different genres can exist, and each genre has their own market.
Don't like God of War for its linearity? Sure, go ahead, hate it. But keep in mind, you're going to be missing out on ONE OF THE BEST games of this year.

KwietStorm1905d ago

I'd like to know what games you've been playing and what industry you've been following.

Skips1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )


Agreed, some of the best games EVER CREATED are linear experiences. LMFAO!

Wouldn't have them any other way as well. They would just lose their focus.


And a lot of those devs don't create such epic masterpieces like the God Of War franchise either.

r211905d ago

One of the greatest games in the world and still have people waiting on a sequel is linear, half life 2 was a very linear game but it excelled in tons of things despite not being open world.

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j-blaze1905d ago

take note of what? no mandatory install means long tedious loading times on ps3 u know...also, the game feels like an expansion to GOW3, really not interested, if sony consider making another GoW game, they should hand the development to Capcom or Platnum Games, the franchise need to be reinvented

fsfsxii1904d ago

I laughed when you mentioned capcom.
Plus, PG are only good in making HAck & slash games and making a good gameplay
They can't make a good story or an interesting one except for MGR because Kojima was a supervisor.
GOW has everything a hack & slash game need, story, gameplay, epic events

GribbleGrunger1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Will it automatically detect if your TV is capable of 1080i and then adjust it automatically, or will you have to set it manually to that resolution? I'm a newb guys, help me out!

OccludedGamer1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

It depends. You can have the playstation automatically adjust to the best resolution that the game or tv can perform or you can have it force available resolutions.

If you haven't dabbled with it then it will most likely adjust itself automatically. Most tv's will show you the resolution it's displaying at briefly as the game boots anyway as it has to switch from the native 1080p used for the dash.

GribbleGrunger1905d ago

mmm... I think I did set it up to detect the resolution automatically, but I'm not certain. I'll have to have a dabble to find out. Cheers and bubble.

Rageanitus1905d ago

720p is better than 1080i

Campy da Camper1905d ago

Depends on screen size. 47 or lower I agree. 60 inch, not so much.

Rageanitus1904d ago

Not really. I've have both a projector at 100 inch (of course put in focus):) and a smaller tv under 60 inch.

720 looks better. A true test is output your computer resolution without any "motion" and star at the desktop. You will see 720 p does actually look better.

1080i by fact is drawing LESS lines.

KwietStorm1905d ago

You go to the display settings in your PS3 and check the highest resolution your TV is capable of. Every game should set accordingly.

Skate-AK1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

720p is better than 1080i.

Edit-Oh didn't see someone said it already.

GribbleGrunger1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Cheers everyone! I'll give it a go but probably stick with 720p from what most of you are saying. Have some bubbles anyway :)

Campy da Camper1905d ago

Depends on screen size. If you have a large TV I'd go 1080i

Bigkdog811905d ago

I set all my consoles to 720p. Very few games run natively above 720p anyway.. Now next gen. 1080p all the way.

MikeMyers1904d ago

GribbleGrunger you will probably want to play most games in 720p but there are a few that you may want to try different things. GT5 is a good example because the game does support a higher resolution than 720p but it does come at a cost of reduced anti-aliasing.

"Let's kick off the proceedings by taking a look at the physical make-up of the framebuffer. By and large, not a great deal has really changed from the rendering principles laid down by Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The game still renders at native 720p with 4x multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA) when your XMB is set to 720p mode, while the resolution shifts to 1280x1080 with 2x quincunx (QAA) when the 1080p mode is engaged. So we're not seeing anything like native 1080p resolution here, but you are getting a 50 per cent increase in the number of pixels rendered."

I have my settings with all resolutions ticked but left 1080i off. Not sure if that is the best settings but I'm lazy so I let it upscale when needed. I don't really see much difference but I do watch movies in 1080p since that is the standard format for bluray movies.

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BitbyDeath1905d ago

Does it also have no load times like GoW3?

DivineAssault 1905d ago

ehhh.. not into the CE.. ill get the standard

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