Worst game I have ever played

Analog Addiction writes: "In a world full of fantastic games spanning from many systems, there are always games that are just complete disasters. These disasters aren’t always properly labeled or in fact sometimes games you anticipate. Most of the time though, they are games you have never heard of and don’t even know how they stumbled upon your collection.

Classic disasters like Superman 64, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are games you probably aren’t going to buy. The only way you would EVER get them is if: A) They were free or B) They were gift and you were a young kid who didn’t know the meaning of receipt and returning was."

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iMaim1991d ago

Stopped reading when he said Okami.

Blackdeath_6631990d ago

same, okami is by far one of the most memroable and enjoyable games of my ps2 AND ps3 days. the HD remake with the move is great and adds to the already epic game

ItsMeAgain1990d ago

I like how you refer to your PS3 days as if they are gone for good o.0 lol

Long live OKAMI!

Blackdeath_6631990d ago

sorry that was a mistake on my part. i haven't played ps3 for over half a year now because i have been so busy which is why i may have referred to the ps3 days as something already passed but i do intend on using my ps3 for at least another year. with games like ni no kuni which i have yet to play the time will fly like it was just yesterday, that is a game which i plan to invest alot of time into.

Magnus1991d ago

E.T for the old Atari 2600

MasterCornholio1990d ago

The worst game that I've ever played was Zelda.

BTW in case anyone thinks that I'm am bashing Nintendo I'm not because the Zelda game I'm talking about wasn't even made by them.

Also Hotel Mario, Marios time machine, Mario is Missing and Super Man 64 (rings shudders) were pretty terrible as well.

And now to leave you a quite from the horrible Zelda game.

" wizard:You Killed me
Zelda: Good"

Motorola RAZR i

-GametimeUK-1990d ago

"The worst game that I've ever played was Zelda."

/raises pitchfork

"the Zelda game I'm talking about wasn't even made by them."

/puts pitchfork down