The Five Best Video Games Based on Movies

Just as movies based on video games tend to fail, so do video games based on movies. Almost every movie these days has its own licensed game tie-in, and most such titles are so bad that many gamers write off all movie-related releases. It gets even worse when games are based on movies that are based on games, like Street Fighter: The Movie (The Game).

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Derekvinyard132028d ago


caseh2027d ago

Haha, I loved that game. There was something strangely satisfying about smacking someone in the head with a brick. :)

ApolloTheBoss2028d ago

Where is Spider-man 2 and we isn't it #1?

RankFTW2027d ago

First thing I thought when I seen the headline was Spiderman 2 so can't believe it's not on there.

come_at_me_bro2027d ago

It's amazing how praised King Kong was when it came out and now it has drifted into obscurity. I only remembered it again a few months ago.

itsralf2027d ago

played the hell out of that game on ps2

WeAreLegion2027d ago

Toy Story 3 released to a lot of acclaim. I absolutely loved it. :)

If you guys haven't played Where The Wild Things Are, I highly recommend it.

Kevlar0092027d ago

The Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series is amazing, Rogue Leader was near the peak of performance when it was released

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