Microsoft Has to Bring Exclusives Forward for the Xbox 720

Gi - The next generation is upon us in the world of video games. Whether you consider it starting with the launch of the Wii U or the unveiling of the PlayStation 4, we are heading right into the thick of another console war. Though the Wii U may not feel like something truly new to some, there is little doubt that gamers felt like the PlayStation 4 was what they had been hoping for from the future; and no doubt that Sony’s next gen attempt is looking strong. The one company that we have yet to hear anything from is Microsoft. While the next Xbox, presumably called the Xbox 720, hasn’t tipped its hand as of yet, it looks as though we could be on the verge of an announcement or even a partial unveiling in the next couple of months.

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Bigpappy1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

M$ has Halo as their mascote. If they use the power in the new console to make Halo a fresh experience, that will sell more consoles than announcing 20 new wishy washy IP's.
New IP are always welcome, but I reject the idea that M$ needs a boat load of exclusives to be succesful against Sony. What would be more important, would be to some how enhance the experience of gaming on the phatform. Whether that is done by: xbox live; controller; frame rate; image projection; ... or what ever.
But exclusive IP's are only effective if they are better than what is offered by 3rd party. That does not happen very often. 3rd party are just as good and ofen time better than 1st party.

panbit861961d ago

Yes but exclusive 1st party titles are the ones that mainly separate the one console from the other. If people can get all the 3rd party titles and many quality exclusives from all genres on PS4 why stick with MS? Just for one or two games?! Right now Sony has numerous studios all working on PS4 exclusives and most of them are serious AAA titles... and even at the motion-casual front they haven't even said anything yet for the next-gen PSEye. As far as i am concerned they could really give Kinect2 a run for its money!

Dragos751961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"As far as i am concerned they could really give Kinect2 a run for its money!"

I doubt that. Based on what?

shivvy241961d ago

@Dragon , "you havent seen anything" - penguin from madagascar

xxLuckyStrike1961d ago

It's proven fact the all these Sony exclusives are always outsold by 3rd party multiplat titles. The only weight exclusives hold are with a % of its core. The numbers dont lie. It's the reason M$ buys timed or exclusive DLC content and signs exclusive deals with publishers like EA.

Gaming_Guru1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

To: xxLuckyStrike

Multiplatform games make an impact but like the comment before me stated, exclusives separate companies from the competitor by creating incentives. Why would I go to a platform that has the same games as all the others but no exclusives?

You even mentioned it yourself, exclusive content / timed-exclusive. The difference between the multiplatform exclusive content versus an exclusive game is that the experience is only on one platform. It's like having choice to watch a movie in 3D versus 2D, in the end both viewers are watching the same content. Contrary to only able to watch a movie in 3D or 2D, the experience is fixed to one type of viewer.

Having an exclusive experience makes a bigger impact on choice than a shared experience that is slightly altered. Just to add to this comment, I think Xbox Live made an impact on sales more than the actual games themselves.

nukeitall1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


"Yes but exclusive 1st party titles are the ones that mainly separate the one console from the other."

I see where you are trying to go, but that is a fallacy.

A console can separate itself in many other ways. Xbox 360 for instance has separated itself from the pack with Kinect, media entertainment apps and XBL as well as some very strong original and exclusive IPs.

Hence, the platform can differentiate itself in many ways. It is an entire platform. Heck, look at PC, it should have the most exclusives of any platform yet isn't necessarily selling as many games of any single title.

Point being, consoles *now* differentiate itself from PC by being instantaneous, controller based, simple and very living room centric.


"Why would I go to a platform that has the same games as all the others but no exclusives?"

Because you like what else it is offering?

As you said yourself, incentives and that is the question. What is the incentive to draw others onto a specific platform.

For that we will all have to wait and see what MS offers up, then see it pan out for all three console makers in the next 1-2 years.

Gaming_Guru1959d ago

To: nukeitall

That was kind of the point, Xbox Live was considered better because it was designed to be more social across all video games as appose the PSN. Now that the PSN has built-in social features instead of relaying on the video games to create that social experience, Sony has it on all fronts.

The new PlayStation Eye looks like it can play Kinect like video games, the PlayStation Move Wii like video games, and now the controller in tandum with the eye is my guess to enhance sixaxis. Sony was always about the games, now they have a free social network to go along with the games. With PlaySation Plus is basically a video game version of Netflix.

Xbox Live you pay for stuff that is free on other platforms, so now Microsoft will have to create a really good incentive for the online price tag.

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4lc4pon31961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Its sad that they have almost no exclusives for the 360 except for Gears, Fable & Halo. Halo is not even that great of a game. M$ needs to step up the game and get more exclusives. Would you really pay 500.00 is that's the price for a console just for Halo sand gears. I wouldn't that would get boring fast.

Who cares about Kinect. Its a immature childish toy that was lame from the start. I could care less about Kinect 2.0... Kinect to me is useless

RuleofOne343 1961d ago

I would cause I prefer them over the others .

shivvy241961d ago

for me, halo CE was epic , then it died

kreate1960d ago

The thing is, ppl will buy xbox no matter what.

If xbox breaks, they go buy another one.
If there's no games, they go buy another one and suddenly exclusives dont matter.

In america, xbox doesnt need games or require free online, hell, the machine breaks down no one cares except other gamers.
Even now, xbox360 just keeps on selling and is more popular than a ps3. There's nothing sony could do to change that w their ps3. Sony did everything right for the last 3-5 years except for the few mis-haps, but it still doesnt sell.

Americans are absolutely in love w the xbox360.

xxLuckyStrike1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

M$ has proven you dont need a bunch of exclusives to have a console succeed. Being in 2nd place since 2006 and closing the gap between it and the Wii. not to mention the 360 is still fending off the PS3 almost 8 years later. However I expect MS will return to early form and will no doubt bring NEW and old exclusives to the Xbox720. The Kinect was simply introduced to extended the 360's lifespan and pull in several million casuals. That Objective was acheived and MS is set to focus the 720 on the core and ALL other aspects of gaming.

shivvy241961d ago

they had a much cheaper console for a while till sony had the price drop

xxLuckyStrike1961d ago


True sony dropped the price and it has helped it close the gap from 3rd place. However 360 will see another price drop as soon as 720 is launched. And at some point the 360 will spike in sales after the 720 launches because it will be dirt cheap. Sony will be more reluctant to price drops due to so much loss this gen.

classic2001961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

talk about halo as if it will be a launch title when clearly its coming out next year fall. You really think 1 ip is enough?

I doubt the people disagreeing with you are all PS3 fanboys, I bet many are xbox gamers too because that concept you bringing is suicide.

What would be the killer new IP that would make people buy the console? third party launch titles while sony got couple interesting 1st party games.

bluetoto1961d ago

"I doubt the people disagreeing with you are all PS3 fanboys, I bet many are xbox gamers too because that concept you bringing is suicide. "

that's the problem here, they think anyone who attacks MS or dislikes MS business model doesn't own a 360.

Why in the hell would I waste my time whining about something that doesn't affect me?

Some of us 360 owners would like more from MS or at least stay on par with the competetion! I didn't buy a 360 JUST to play gears and splinter cell!
Stop pushing MP titles so you can sell more gold live!

I was expecting more and I want more! I don't care that sony's many exclusives don't make them money, I care that they are giving me more options! I want the same from the rest of the competetion, and so should any other gamer!

Bigpappy1961d ago

Hey I would like more new IP's too, if they are any good. But this is about what M$ see as good business. With the first Xbox M$ was doing all that studios and IP stuff. They even had they own Basket Ball, Football and Hockey sports series. They had to give that all up to get EA to support the Xbox. They had to jump through hoops to get GTA on 360 and this when on with many other 3rd party publishers and developers. The ONLY exclusives M$ had that was selling Xbox was Halo and to a lesser extent Splinter Cell and Team ninja's DOA/NG. They also had some real good exclusives from Bioware, early release of Morrowind, and some other exclusives like, PG racing, MOTO GP, the Rare stuff, the dog fight flying shooter, and more. Most of these games were very good, high production games. But most of those games where not made by M$ and the really great sellers were 3rd party.
With 360 M$ did fewer 1st party and bought exclusives and worked with 3rd party for content. I think they would do the same. And I think it will work again.

AngelicIceDiamond1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Sorry Gotta disagree pappy. New Ip's are super refreshing with a start of a console and usually beyond its expired life span.

When new Ip's get released it has a chance to be the next Halo or Gears not just that but variety couldn't hurt either.

MS has to refresh their genre's come next gen. I can't stress enough how important it is to bring new franchises to the table when releasing a new console. That's how its always been with consoles. When the press, investors, journalists and gamers (us) watch E3 we immediately think what the next big franchise(s) or Ips will be.

That's why its super important that MS brings the games come E3. And yes MS needs to announce as many games as possible considering they'll be announcing a console soon.

MS proved they can invest in AAA games that are must buys. Why can't they prove it once again at E3? Prove people wrong by introducing the next big Ip.

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Prodigy-X1961d ago

But the problem is they won't

FarCryLover1821961d ago

Oh, they probably will. For the first year or two. Then once they have the core gamers that want exclusives, they will alienate them in a heartbeat and turn them all into Kinect drivel.

xxLuckyStrike1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Lol I can't argue that hook line and sinker then Kinnect me to death but we can always hope

* I just hope we'll have cross platform gaming at some point next gen (minus the chat) and settle this feud once and for all. Blue vs Green ; )

Qrphe1961d ago

If there is a time when we can expect Microsoft to show up exclusives, it'll be at the beginning of this gen. I'm sure that whoever gets a 361 won't be disappointed (I'm probably getting one as well).

MikeMyers1961d ago

We'll have to wait and see. Let's also hope they don't give us a bunch of exclusives for just the first couple of years and then stop with new ip's.

I said it before, it's time for Microsoft to put up or shut up. No longer can they rely on the mistakes of the competition. They also have to revitalize Xbox Live by either dropping the fee just to play online or make drastic changes to why they should be charging.

nigelp5201961d ago

Kinect gamea
Interactive tv crap

TheFallenAngel1961d ago

Forza and Gears are the only worth mentioning. Forza is freaking awesome.

SDF Repellent1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

That is OK, like the movie industry, I only tend to watched a few blockbuster movies per year. As long as Microsoft continue to supply me with Halo, Gears, Forza, I will be a satisfied customer because 98% of my game purchase is third party anyway and with today's economy, I really can't afford multiple systems and games in the future anymore. It is the same story every year, last year I bought Halo 4, Forza Horizon, and the Witcher 2 for my x360 and nothing for my Phat PS3. It is not the quantity that matters, it is the quality.

Can't wait for the next xbox. I know Microsoft will support its gamers.

clintagious6501961d ago

See I can understand your point of view because it reminds me of alot of my cousins who enjoy the xbox 360 more because most of their friends play on the 360 because of xbl. Its not because the 360 has better games but because MOST of their FRIENDS own a 360 & thats why they stick with the the 360.

I was the same way with the original xbox but the difference with me was I also loved the playstation & nintendo systems growing up but as I got older I loved most of the games coming out on sony platforms exclusively for their system cause u couldnt find these games on any other system. Heres a small list.

Syphon Filter Series, FF7, FF8, FFX, Legend of Dragoons, Devil My Cry 1 & 2, Onimusha Series, MGS Series, Vagrant Story, Shadow of The Colossus, Ico, Twisted Metal Series, GTA Vice City & San Andreas, Legend of Legaia 1 & 2, Crash Bandicoot Series, Jak & Daxter Series, Ratchet & Clank Series, Tekken Series, & more I dont even remember & I didnt even include ps3 exclusives. Thats why I love playstation.

Hicken1961d ago

That's... pretty sad.

Let's see...

2012: Tales, Borderlands 2, BlazBlue, Battlefield 3, XIII-2, PS All Stars, Journey(perhaps not a "blockbuster," but a superb game), Tokyo Jungle, Starhawk, Asura's Wrath.

2011: Ar Tonelico, White Knight Chronicles 2, Uncharted 3, Ico and SotC, Catherine, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, inFamous 2, Portal 2, Killzone 3, Hyperdimension Neptunia, LBP2, DC Universe. Dragon Age II.

2010: Atelier Rorona, Gran Turismo 5, DJ Hero 2, Front Mission, BlazBlue(not a typo), Trinity Universe, Red Dead, Nier, Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, Resonance of Fate, FFXIII, Bad Company 2, Heavy Rain, Star Ocean, White Knight Chronicles, MAG, Bayonetta, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Army of Two.

2009: Dragon Age, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Need for Speed: Shift, WET, BlazBlue(yep), Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires, Cross Edge, inFamous, HAWX, Ultimate Genesis Collection, The Show 09, CoD: MW2.

2008: Prince of Persia, Mirror's Edge, Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata, Disgaea 3, MGS4, Burnout Paradise, Cod: WaW.

Largely excludes digital titles. 28 exclusives, maybe more. Variety out the wazoo, even if all you looked at were just those 28 exclusives. That's an average of 5 exclusives a year, by the way. Excluding games for Vita, DS and PS2(cuz I still buy and play those).

For this year: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Ni no Kuni(owned), Injustice, Army of Two, Bioshock, Neptunia V, Tales of Xillia, GRID 2, Tekken x Street Fighter on PS3. Killzone, Driveclub, and inFamous on PS4 at the LEAST, as well as Watch_Dogs. MLB 13, Soul Sacrifice, DOA 5 Plus, Ys, Valhalla Knights, Muramasa, Killzone, Disgaea, PSO2, Tales of Hearts/Innocence, Tearaway.

I can't see how you do it. There are just too many games coming out each year for me to only buy a few. Don't see how you can be satisfied with a handful of games.

Oh, and that "quality, not quantity" bullshit can stop. I get plenty of both on my Sony consoles; not my problem if you only get one.

ThatXboxGuy1960d ago


Some people just delude themselves with excuses man.I used to be one of them! I had enough tho.Buying a PS3 this month and i'm going to work my way through the years of great games i missed.

SDF Repellent1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

@ Hicken

Wow, you have games like Tokyo Jungle, Ar Tonelico, Hyperdimension Neptunia...I am so jealous, what am I going to do?? LOL, wouldn't it be easier if you would just take a picture of your games rather than writing a 10 page essay about it. The idea is so good and make too much sense that I am just going to do it to prove that it makes sense.

As for ThatXboxGuy (the artist formerly known as ThatKansasGuy), how is life treating you with your new identity? LOL

jetlian1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

SDF dont waste your time. We go through this every month more than once. Most of those games he mentioned are niche and or not expected to do well at all. But to play the game

If I just went digital on 360 last year I could get over 5 exclusives. Alan wake, fez, minecraft, dungeon fighter, deadlight, hybrid,trials evo, kung fu strike, dust elysian tales, joy ride,mark of the ninja and thats not all of them!

Still got dance central, halo 4, forza H, and witcher 2 for main games

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