EA Causes A Natural Disaster In SimCity With Botched Launch

SimCity has been a highly anticipated game from Electronic Arts for both PC and MAC. Many gamers around the globe have eagerly awaited a chance to jump back into the game that took city building and management to new heights with its multiplayer mode. Yet much of the excitement for the game that once was has all but diminished in the wake of a ton of issues that have occurred since SimCity’s release. The central point of the controversy comes in the form of “Always Online” DRM instituted by EA for the game, which has contributed to many people not being able to experience the game they paid for. This has understandably created some very upset groups of people.

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SwiffEpics1958d ago

EA have been dropping the ball way to often lately.

Great article here

Killakap1958d ago

if they knew better. they would do better.

jmc88881958d ago

They DO know better.

They know the case studies of history, given how often online DRM has burned many companies. Even to the point of having one of their main competitors ditch it altogether, Ubisoft.

They knew they were making a more costly game to include these useless restrictions.

They knew it would limit the life of the game.

They knew it would create problems.

They heard from all over the web people screaming out at them for MONTHS. They had a large beta as well.

Yet they still went ahead and did this, because THEY KNEW BETTER.....but DIDN'T care.

They took portions of the game and regressed it back to pre-hard drive era like it's an Atari 2600. Seriously, I can't save my own city and demolish it for the fun of it? Like I was able to do in the 1980's?

Wow if that's 'the future', then give me the past, because it's far more advanced.

ElectroJade1958d ago

Just don't buy EA games. Problem solved. This company knows nothing about good PR and should rot in hell. Fuck EA.

PinkFunk1958d ago

Hm, I believe you're right about this. The solution to this is to NOT buy EA games. "Vote with your wallet" is the mantra making the rounds.

I haven't played SimCity since some of the first ones, and the franchise reminds me of such good times during childhood. I absolutely have loved playing SimCity in the past and was really looking forward to this one at some point. I don't have a PC just yet but ya know, was just looking forward to it in general.

But frankly, always-online DRM is friggin ridiculous for a game that started out as purely single player. I do really like the multiplayer aspects of the game that I've read in the reviews, especially the kind of global economy and trading. However, absolutely NOT at the cost of being able to play offline.

EA, this is pure bullshit, and I hope to God gamers are able to speak loudly enough through words and through boycott.

Intentions1958d ago

What were they testing in the beta?

JommGrolos1958d ago

Someone posted a hilarious video spoof regarding the SimCity server disaster:

Pretty darn funny and worth watching.

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