God of War Ascension Review in Progress

IGN - Few games embody the definition of epic quite like God of War. From tangling with the Hydra at the beginning of the first game to facing the Colossus of Rhodes and more recently the breathless, brutal battle against Poseidon, Kratos’ first steps into a new adventure are never forgettable. So it’s somewhat surprising and indeed disappointing that the beginning of God of War Ascension kicks off with more of a muted hand-clap than the usual rib-shattering bang.

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BXbomber2026d ago

I'm not expecting a high score from the reviewer according to him while i was reading the comments at the bottom section of the page he points out alot of negatives and is already comparing it to gow3 claiming its not as epic blah blah etc. seriously i don't get how this game is not epic i mean while playing the demo my jaw drops when u see the hand coming to pick u up and u are fighting with in hallway while being held by the big hand. since this is a prequel i 'm curious what these sites are gonna give gears judgment cuz that crap is a prequel as well and they claim that gowA is nothing but the same and don't claim the same thing about gears judgment then u know something is wrong with how they handle sony games and ms games

SDF Repellent2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Dude, stop being so insecure and worry about other games like Gears of War Judgement and how it will be reviewed by the gaming press. If you like the game, then it is all you need. There are no conspiracies out there.

NewMonday2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

this is GOW game #6

the jaded feeling reviewers get was inevitable

still getting the game myself but SSM needs some tough love, instead of doing MP, they should have invested more into the SP, it's what most fans are interested in. make the game world entirely connected like Batman: Arkham City, that should be the evolution of the series.

aquamala2026d ago

sure the same IGN that gives Journey 2012 Game of the Year would have bias against Sony exclusives. take off your fanboy glasses.

TheFallenAngel2026d ago

I still don't get on why would they go back in a prequel! If it was for the Vita than ok but I hate it that it's a prequel on the PS3. I love God of War but I would had rather have God of War 4 for the PS3 and Ascension for the Vita.

InTheLab2026d ago

I figured this game would get average scores. Not from the demo or gameplay or any of that. Just from the amount of articles about the sameyness of it prior to launch.

If the worst thing you have to tell me is that it is more more of the same...haha...Day 1.

Unicron2026d ago

If they removed Kratos's white hair... er I mean skin... imagine the uproar!

clintagious6502026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Reviews now days shouldnt be taken serious anymore only because they are the ones who actually ruin games. If the game isnt the way they wouldve expected it to be they will always use the same EXCUSE, "No Innovation" or "Brings nothing we havent seen before" & devs take reviews serious & try an change things in the series & that is when they start HURTING the franchise because now that the devs try an please reviewers, now the fan base SLAMS the game with the changes in the series.

COD comes to mind, it doesnt do anything innovative or really bring ANYTHING new to the table but fans buy it because they stick to the same formula. All im saying is dont change anything in the game, just add to the same formula because its the fan base thats IMPORTANT, not those reviewing it & slamming it for being not innovative or nuttin new.

TrevorPhillips2026d ago

I say they'll give the game an average score of 9.0 to 9.3 :)

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