PlayStation Vita Sales Are Looking Up... in Japan

IGN - Greg and Colin sit down to discuss the startlingly positive Vita sales in Japan the last couple of weeks on the back of the handheld's new price drop.

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Snookies121932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Great to see the Vita getting some life over there. (Pun intended) Hopefully that price drop will be in effect around the world soon. Whatever sells more units is cool with me. I want more developers to pay attention to the Vita. It's such a great piece of hardware that is never really taken advantage of.

LOGICWINS1932d ago

These guys have great chemistry. Started watching the "Conversation with Colin" series on Youtube and I found myself watching for two hours lol.

Blastoise1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

You should check out the podcasts. I don't always agree with Colin & Greg but they're a good duo and they're fun to listen to.

P.S Hurray for Vita! Didn't Soul Sacrifice release in Japan today?

doctorstrange1932d ago

Is it really startling? Great games and a price cut = sales. Shocker.

Kingthrash3601932d ago

Its great to see the vita bloom its a great machine. A global price cut is in order.
My vita some how knows about this......since the price drop she's been walking around the house like she owns the place.
( yes my vita is a way am I touching and rubbing its front and backside then refer it as a he.)

masa20091932d ago

Good then maybe a few more mid-size devs in Japan will make games for it, and while it will not provide Vita with Western flagship titles, we might see a couple decent JRPGs with mild mainstream appeal that will give its library a bit more depth, and make it a reasonable purchase for a certain segment of the audience as a "cult" machine.

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