SimCity: 9 Reasons It’s Awesome (And 1 Reason It Sucks)

WC - After wowing us briefly at last year’s largely underwhelming E3 and distracting ever so slightly from the flop that was the Wii U, Maxis’ SimCity is finally here!

If you ever thought a simulator couldn’t get a “gritty” reboot, apparently you were wrong; the latest SimCity title – and the first full-fledged entry into the series in around a decade – attempts to lure us back in with a shiny, slick new presentation, a wealth of new features and a transfixing online component.

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jmc88881875d ago

The one reason is more powerful than if there were a 1000 favorable reasons.

Not to mention you don't control your game saves, and if someone screws with the economy online, your single player game is effected.

Not to mention a hundred other issues that all interconnected (pun intended) with these aspects.