Ubisoft Wants a Wii U Price Drop

Lacking sales of Nintendo's newest console lead mainstream publisher and developer to call for a price drop.

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animegamingnerd1963d ago

you know ubisoft it needs games a lot more you should of thought of that before delaying rayman legends

LOL_WUT1963d ago

Well, before you go pointing fingers at Ubisoft, didn't Nintendo delay some of their key franchises too? Like Pikmin 3, Wii fit U and so on? Obviously the delay wasn't as extended as the Rayman Legends game but, still...

Theres nothing wrong with Ubisoft wanting a price cut as long as it benefits both companies. ;)

PopRocks3591963d ago

Why do you keep talking about a price cut when you don't even like the Wii U? Secondly, Nintendo delayed those games to give more time to develop them, not for a reason as petty as porting them to other consoles when the game is already finished.

thaimasker1961d ago

Nintendo delayed their games because they weren't finished. While Ubisoft delayed it when it was finished but want to release it along side ports for other consoles.

MasterCornholio1961d ago

Nintendo should have had Wii Fit U at launch because a lot of people who bought a Wii bought it for the motion fitness games.

Hey im not lying just look at the sales figures.

Wii Fit
"Global 22.74m "

Wii Fit Plus
"Global 21.13m"

admiralvic1961d ago

Huge difference...

Rayman Legends was set to be a launch title, had a sizeable E3 demo, was playable in the demo kiosk, had the demo released on the store and then was delayed when it was most likely completed.

Nintendo simply delayed their things till a later date for some reason. It might have been to give Rayman Legends / Monster Hunter a chance to shine (they DO need the third party support) or simply to bring them up at E3 again. Whatever it might be, we certainly didn't see enough from any of their games to say it was comparable to Rayman Legends.

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joab7771961d ago

Actually its a catch 22. I will bet that they delayed it hoping for a larger base to sell to. If no one owns a wiiU, no one will want to invest money to make games. The catch is that Rayman could have sold more units. Anyway, a price droo is inevitable, especially if ps4 has a $400 version or xbox 720 has a $200 or $300 version.

admiralvic1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

But it's not a Catch 22, since they're not in a paradoxical situation.

Think about it...

Choice 1:
Release it on the Wii U, announce it for the PS3 / Xbox, release those versions at the current release date.

This is probably the right choice, since no one expected Rayman Legends to stay exclusive and we already know the Wii U version is the best.

Choice 2:
Delay the Wii U version at the last moment to release it on other platforms at a busy time.

Rayman Legends had a fantastic time slot on the Wii U. There was NOTHING on the system, very few "must have" games and the whole summer to pick up misc sales. instead they decided to delay it out of nowhere and put it up against plenty of bigger titles. This makes no sense, not even from a "larger user base" standpoint, since this is exactly what made Origins flop.

Choice 3:
Delay the Wii U version and announce the other platforms, but be up front about it.

Even if choice 2 HAD to happen, Ubisoft dragged their feet, which is part of the problem. The game was set to release in 3 weeks and had plenty of evidence to support it coming out. At least when games get new release dates, delayed or whatever, we typically have a tip off like no news. The game was on the kiosk / demo on the E Shop... these aren't typically signs that there is an issue with the development process. Thus the news came as a blindside to MANY people, which resulted in WAY more hate than they would have got in November or even earlier than that.

So in reality it was...

Nice release date, lack of games, virtually no games on a new system, a fair amount of hype, summertime drought


Terrible release date, more systems, hype replaced with negative press, fighting first party Nintendo titles, fighting GTA V, fighting the PS4, repeat of what many suspect killed Rayman Origins

Yeah... so hard to pick the right choice.

1upgamer991962d ago

Yeah, Ubisoft. You have shelved a complete game. Just so you can release it along with the ports that will be sub-par. A game that could have helped sales. The sub-par comment comes from what Ubisoft said months ago, also that ONLY the PS3 may get a port. Gosh how things change.

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MEsoJD1961d ago

I predict that they will announce a price drop at E3.

000011961d ago

im holding out for the price drop; one because i don't want to spend $350, two because there are no games for the Wii U besides old ports. announce first party games and a price drop and im in!

mcstorm1961d ago

Matiou and zombieu are very good games on the Wiiu. I also found Tekken to be a fun game with the added Nintendo modes.

I expect Nintendo will hit us with the big names like Mario kart, Zelda, fzero ect at e3. Nintendo seem to give the 3rd party developers a chance to get there games out esp with the Wiiu and 3ds but its not working then Nintendo released there big names on the 3ds and it took off. I expect the same with the wiiu

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