PETA’s Whale of a Complaint with Assassin’s Creed has Nothing to do With Animals

Kotaku - The m.o. of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals complaining about video games is by now completely transparent. They've had problems with everything from Pokémon to Mario's Tanooki suit, and little of it has anything to do with the harmful depiction of animals in a video game, or the corrosive attitudes that may spread. It's a cynical publicity grab, because video games are a subject that carry a lot of Google juice, and objecting to them is a cheap way for PETA to make its advocacy seem more involved and relevant than it really is.

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Snookies121903d ago

Lol! Oh PETA... What a joke they are. Do they SERIOUSLY not see how little people care about them? I'm all for being against animal abuse, but they take it WAYYYYYY WAYYYYYY too far...

t0mmyb0y1903d ago

They know video games aren't real right?

b163o11903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I really hope they do, they should see how kratos does those dogs in GoW lol

SN where was PETA during DuckHunt on NES?? LMAO

Ghoul1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

PETA is a Revenue orientated company aimed to make money NOT to save Animals

i mean this building

its build from scartch with money that should go to save animals, not build fancy headquarters and did costs millions.....

and a headquarter build in a seaview area on a human build shore... what about the eco system in the ocean ???? ???

sorry i hate these hypocrits

take a look at the salary

sorry this is about MONEY nothing else

DeadSpaced1903d ago

Two things wrong with this article:

2. Kotaku

ab5olut10n1903d ago

because of this, i will now shoot MORE animals in FC3.

JAM_brz1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

PETA, and here we go again... what a joke...

Now I'm in the mood to kill a jaguar in Red Dead Redemption... damn PETA

Deadpool6161903d ago

PETA has made such fools of themselves. I'd rather make contributions to a mindful organization for animals, rather than PETA. They're more like parody now.

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The story is too old to be commented.