Here’s What Japanese People Are Saying About The PS4

Kotaku - Sony announced the PlayStation 4 last month to much fanfare and a complete lack of an actual console. The stone has been cast and now we get to see the ripples. Japanese gaming magazine, Weekly Famitsu conducted a questionnaire between February 22nd and February 26th, where they asked Japanese game fans for their thoughts and opinions on Sony's upcoming console.

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HammadTheBeast1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Looking good.

Still, downvote Kotaku.

iGAM3R-VIII1783d ago

Q: What do we want?
A: E3!!!!

Q: When do we want it?
A: NOW!!!!

Q: Why do we want it?
A: To see what else Sony and their outstanding console can bring!!!!

UnholyLight1783d ago

****To see what else Sony and their outstanding console can bring!!!! And also to see what Microsoft has behind the veil

INC NATE21311783d ago

I cant wait to see what sony has to offer at E3, im excited for both actually, unlike most people in this world, im not going to sit and argue about which console is better, nope instead im going to buy both and enjoy the uniqueness each console has to offer!

Tiqila1783d ago

I will also buy both as soon as I can afford it. But, if xbox 720 is forcing me to pay just to play games online I will buy a Wii U i swear!

Mounce1783d ago Show
UnholyLight1782d ago

But otherwise I totally agree with you iGAM3R-VIII

jadenkorri1782d ago

looks like Tiqila will be buying a wii u... seriously would you expect MS to provided online gaming for free considering how much money they have gotten from gold memberships. I'm surprised Sony hadn't announced it themselves that online will be fee based instead of free. I hope it remains free but I'm sure it was considered.

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Saigon1783d ago

Classic statement!!! That was great, I can't say anything else!!!

Beyond that lmao moment, I am finally glad to see what the Japanese people had to say about the system. Its good to hear their feedback since Sony normally caters to that crowd and let the rest of us accept what was decided. I know this time it is different, so now Sony is catering to the devs and western society and what do we get in result, we get the PS4.

himdeel1783d ago

Are they saying, "It's over 9000!"?

morkendo231783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

in the voice of VEGETA

9000?? super saiyan 4


TheOneEyedHound1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Me to somebody hack that site.

RandomDude6551783d ago

Bro, It's not like that actually does anything. I've been downvoting Kotaku for about 4 years.....

Kurt Russell1783d ago

Because people like me don't mind it, and the world doesn't just involve you I guess...

rjdofu1783d ago

@Kurt Russell: pretty sure a bunch of people has been trying to downvote this site since ages, proven in the comment section of most BS Kotaku article.
The fact that this site still remains 3 star is beyond me.

MiloGarret1783d ago

It's because reasonable people vote them up. Duh?

clearelite1783d ago

....and here's what people are saying about kotako.

CalvinKlein1783d ago

I agree with the Japanese people on number 2. I play mostly on vita since it came out because you can suspend it any time and pick up right where you were. After playing deadspace 3 up to chapter 8 so far, the checkpoints suck and it makes you go back really far if you dont keep playing till it decides to save your progress(different than saving inventory in this game LOL). You see why this feature is so great.

Sad to see they are not big on infamous, its one of my most anticipated. They liked the dragon game like me tho, I think everyone liked that.

deafdani1782d ago

So, you're downvoting Kotaku despite this being an actually decent article? And you got 113 agrees because of that shit? I guess it's cool to hate on Kotaku just for the sake of it, even when the hate isn't justified? Ride the coold-kids wagon, uh?

Ugh. There's many things wrong in the gaming industry, like bad journalism (something of which not only Kotaku is guilty), but there's also many things wrong with the gaming community. And apparently N4G brings out the worst of both worlds.

Again: ugh.

Karlnag31782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

It's a decent article reporting information from a survey by a magazine they do not run. This is Famitsu's article, not Kotaku's.

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PSVita1783d ago

Good news. Worrying about the price always confuses me because it a one time buy and ill last you for 10 years. Not a lot of people can say they've had there phones or TV etc. but like the vita I think Sony will really surprise people with a reasonable price tag. Also like the xbox360 they should release a cheap basic model so entry gamers can join in too.

guitarded771783d ago

Or people can do like I am. I started putting away $25 a wee since the announcement, that way it doesn't affect my wallet when the time comes. I should have about $900 to spend when the console launches, which lets me buy a console, games and any accessories I want. For me to just go drop almost a thousand dollars without being prepared would hurt like a SOB, but Sony's given us plenty of time from announcement to launch. Some companies, like Apple, just launch very shortly after an announcement, and many people seem to find money for that stuff.

TheOneEyedHound1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

lol that is funny.

pixelsword1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I should put away $25 every time I take a wee, too!

That's a good idea!


jessupj1783d ago

Exactly, it's not an ongoing cost.

That fact the same people could easily save up an extra $50, but wait for a $50 price reduction makes me shake my head.

If you can afford a yearly iphone, you can afford a console.

Garrison1782d ago

Careful.. logic can make some idiots head explode if you say it too loud.

DragonKnight1783d ago

1. There were japanese gamers concerned about the overseas focus? Wow. Those people need to get over themselves. I understand that Sony is a japanese company, but seriously? When was the last time you heard any other region expressing that kind of concern.

3. WHAT?! These people are the reason Square-Enix are making bad decisions. They presented a vague "promise" about E3 and these people are anticipating that? Geez, get some standards. It's a good thing that this is a pretty small study and not exactly representative of all japanese gamers.

kevnb1783d ago

Have you played final fantasy 13 or resident evil 6?

iWishTifaWasReal1783d ago

FFXIII was okay, but gawd FFXIII-2 was annoying as hell.

BitbyDeath1783d ago

"There were japanese gamers concerned about the overseas focus?"

Square-Enix always boasted about putting western influence into their games.. and then came the death of Final Fantasy...

TacoTaru1783d ago

I also am concerned about the "overseas focus". I would much rather have a bunch of Japanese games than a bunch of Westernized action allasame games and I live in the Western world.

solid_warlord1783d ago

Yea but japanese have too many RPG and cartoonish stuff that are anti masculine. Japanese games are underperrforming this gen.

GribbleGrunger1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

1. You say that they need to get over themselves because they're concerned about oversees influence

2. You say that it's the influence of these people that have ruined Square-Enix, when the company themselves have said that they wanted to make more Westernised games.

Think about it. Perhaps they have a right to be concerned.

DragonKnight1783d ago

I think there is a misunderstanding here. I know full well that FF13 and RE6 suck beyond measure. I was speaking to the idea that the Japanese audience don't like the idea of a Japanese console having western influences. This isn't about the games, this is about the PS4 console itself. The first point of the article spoke about the console, not the games, and the people were concerned about the focus on the overseas market, not the overseas influence in Japanese games.

@GribbleGrunger: As I said, there is a misunderstanding. It's not about the games, it's about the console. These people are concerned that the PS4, a Japanese console, has too much Western influence. These people also were excited about Square-Enix when Square-Enix showed nothing new and made a vague promise about E3 because of the name Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy 13 trilogy sucks (yes, I'm calling Lightning Returns a failure due to the track record of its predecessors and it's continued shift away from Final Fantasy staples and style) and yet these people are excited for SE to bring a Final Fantasy title to E3? All indications are that Final Fantasy is going the very linear, very actiony route with less focus on character development and deep storytelling and more emphasis on flashy gameplay. Where are the standards?

PurpHerbison1783d ago

If I was Japanese living in Japan I wouldn't give two f*cks for any console. I'd be in the Arcades for sure.

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Muerte24941783d ago

a really good read. If they keep articles like this coming, I might start back visiting the site.

Adolph Fitler1783d ago

Yep, the American consumers whinged about price with PS3...The thing was ONLY $599 for the top of line 60gig model & $499 for 20gig.
It's a one off purchase, for christs sake, what the hell do people want???? Sony to give them a machine, out of the goodness of there heart? I mean, Sony gave Americans & Japanese the low price, so low in fact that it was rumored they were losing, at least, $250 per console, when it 1st launched.
I'll never get over the amount of crap that Sony had to cop for PS3's launch prices, & I'll never have faith in my fellow gaming community again, after the whining, b!tching, moaning, & in general, being little b!tches & causing Sony to redesign the PS3 & as a result (of jewbags that thought $499 & $599 were too expensive), the backwards compatability that Sony were previously synonymous for, was stripped as one of the consoles features....So, thanks to the stingy, whiners in USA & Japan, by the time PS3 came to Europe & Australia, the PS3 had been redesigned without the PS2's Emotion chip, which would have allowed us PAL PS3 buyers (& PS2 HUGE game catalogue collectors) to play PS2 games on our shiny new PS3's flawlessly, without any exceptions. Instead, we got a cheap, stripped back emulation load of BS, that eventually was stripped from PS3's features also. The worst part is, that here in Australia, we were charged the premium of $849 & $999au for PS3 (which didn't equate, even given exchange rates & taxes, as we were about .85c to U.S.'s $1, I believe).
We were charged almost double for these machines, & we had the cheap, no frills, non-proper b/c versions, to boot.

So, Sony Japan....... give America the raw end of the staggered releases this time, instead of punishing us & Europe.

JimmyDanger1783d ago

So we're blaming "whining Americans and Japanese" for Sony taking out hardware BC for our Aussie $999 launch PS3?

I think it'd be more accurate to apportion the blame squarely at Sony.

Sh0ckWav31783d ago

that because in 2005 your minimum wage was $13.74.. were we were getting payed $7.25..

4lc4pon31783d ago

maybe you should move then if your aussie prices are crap. Honestly that's your own fault you choose to live in a country where the prices are absolutely insane.

In my case money is no object. Charge me 1000 for the PS4. I will be glad to pay that since it will give me MANY years of great entertainment and value.

awesomeperson1783d ago


I'm an Aussie, but to be honest saying "that's your own fault you choose to live in a country where the prices are absolutely insane" is a bit unfair.

You don't choose to live in a country based on gaming prices (although we do get the short end of the stick with many other markets). It is just a little ridiculous how everything here is so much more expensive (I do know it may cost extra to ship over, other takes, etc).

We're not an insignificant market, but when we have to pay a few hundred dollars more for some consoles, and game prices are generally around $90+ (used to be up to 120), it's just... annoying.

Of course, like you, I am willing to pay whatever the PS4 costs (already on preorder) but to just say it's our fault is unfair.

Kingthrash3601783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

"Jewbags"....ouch. that was unexpected from someone named adolph fitler...

On topic.....whatever bring on E3

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