Origin downloadable games not refundable in light of Sim City

it looks like Origin have updated their refund policy since Sim City has gone badly...

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darthv722024d ago

of download services do not offer refunds. As is there is no way to ensure the product is being returned/deleted. But it is kind of interesting that in this day and age of DRM that digital content cant be disabled in a way and a refund issued if you are not satisfied.

Which brings up the topic of more trialware needs to be made available. After all, you arent really going to know if you like something without giving it a try. The caveat to that would be, trials are only a sample and may not fully represent the game as a whole.

But most can discern from a trial if they are interested in the full game or not.

In the case of Sim City, it seems there are bugs preventing the game from working properly. Bugs can be fixed and perhaps those who bought it should be patient while the problems get worked out. If NOTHING is done to rectify the problems, then i can see taking some sort of action against EA/Origin.

Merrill2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I could have sworn I just read(before the release)that they were not going to have the same mess that Diablo 3 had and that they had taken preventive measure to assure it so.

I'm sure they'll find someway to blame the gamer's for this mess.

No wonder they want a digital future, you buy it, you're stuck with it.

Godmars2902024d ago

But do other services require always on DRM?

The "bugs" preventing Sims from working is the support framework in place.

Godmars2902024d ago

So after hinting that they were considering refunds, then threatening to ban accounts over asking - when they could have gone either way - they've gone the douche route and with any luck have just killed their own online service.

MasterChief36242024d ago

Oh, brother, we can hope... we can hope..

Tsuru2024d ago

They werent threatening to ban accounts for asking. They theatened the ban to people who said they would issue charge backs and stop the payments at the banks, which can result in a ban.

FantasyStar2024d ago

The problem with that was announcing you were going to do a chargeback when you should've just done it already and instead feed your story to the media and let them tear EA a new one.

aviator1892024d ago

people are pissed over at amazon.... game literally has like 1 star.

2pacalypsenow2024d ago

But they gave out refunds on digital versions

ravinash2024d ago

Amazon are giving refunds, not EA.

To right people should give it one star.
If your sell a product and it's broken, that's that happens.

jayblings2024d ago

If this is the future of digital downloadable games, we are all screwed.

Tsuru2024d ago

I for one, don't care either way. I am for it and against it at the same time. I like it being online only for the fact that it stops pirating, and im against it for the fact that if my internet goes down that i wont be able to play.

Summons752024d ago

Yupp and people actually want digital only games lol. Add this to the fact you don't actually own your games and they can be taken away or off the store entirely and you can never get them back. Oh also the "promise" of them being cheap but if you look on any online store they are the same price or higher than retail.

Raider692024d ago

INDEED!Go to the download version of Bioshock infinite and any game cost way more than a pysical version!!It was suppose to be cheaper downloading games than getting the physical version but this is not going to happen,people are been fools to believe in this.

aliengmr2024d ago

PC gamers weren't exactly given a lot of choices. Stores devoted at most an end-cap of space to PC games. So we were left with ordering online for a physical copy or going digital.

Digital was just easier, with Steam. Which is why it was successful. For the most part digital copies are 50$ and Steam sales will offer deep discounts. This is why people stick with Steam, they made it easy and offer cheap prices twice a year.

With digital titles comes a certain amount of trust. There is nothing legally stopping Valve from shutting down and taking away all my games. So you have to trust they won't. But there aren't many options on PC.

Always-on DRM is a separate issue from that of digital distribution.

V0LT2024d ago

Origin is just horrible in itself... Its right there with GFWL. Steam FTW.

FantasyStar2024d ago

Personally, I wouldn't have Steam either. GoG's DRM-free games for me thanks.

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