"Sony has been good to us"; eastasiasoft interview on being a startup indie publisher

Digitally Downloaded writes: "We sat down with eastasiasoft’s General Manager, Nils Ngai, to get his input into the challenges in being a startup publisher, its plans for future game development, and where it sees the industry heading in the future."

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VsAssassin2026d ago

It's heartwarming to hear devs, both big ones and indie companies alike, testifying for Sony. In the long run, other devs will realize how Sony gives an ample amount of freedom when it comes to making games and how much they give importance to innovation, artistry, and uniqueness in games. Journey, anyone?

showtimefolks2026d ago

i like what david jaffe said a while back that's its a honor to work for sony on playstation brand.

you look at all the devs sony owns and most if not all do what they want, creative freedom is why MD are not doing LBP3 and actually doing what they want and love

learn something MS i know when you got Rare it was on its way down but you did nothing to make sure they start doing better instead focusing on casual crappy games

Adolph Fitler2025d ago

Just look at how many chances Team Ico have gotten. They've made 2 games in 16yrs or something, & both failed miserably from a sales point (even though critically praised), & yet, while Sony have obviously lost huge money on these guys, they are still making games, & not only that, are given total creative freedom to do so. That would NOT happen with MS, as they would drop them like a hot rock (or like Ninja Theory). I mean, MS have gotten rid of developers before said developers game has even launched, the Halo Wars guys are a good example, & the worse part is, I believe that game went on to sell enough copies, to more than warrant there existence.

Sony are the only console manufacturer I've heard of, that also encourage developers renowned for established, good selling IP's, to make totally NEW IP's for there new consoles. Rather than follow trend of releasing already established inhouse/exclusive, heavy hitter IP's, alongside there latest hardware, Sony not only allowed, but encouraged Evolution Studios & Insomniac to make all new IP's. And, ND who obviously have a great relationship with Sony, get to a maximum of 3 sequels, & then they move on, as shown with Crash Bandicoot (only made it 2 Crash 3,...oh, & Crash Kart, but that is a totally new game really & carries risk), then they moved to PS2, having sold the Crash rights, & they hit PS2 with the awesome Jak & Daxter, and I'm pretty sure they only made 3 of them,.....oh, & Jak X, another Kart racer, so then PS3 came along, so instead of just giving us another Jak, that would ensure a decent amount of sales, off the bat due to being an already established IP, nope, ND instead went against there G & PG rated pedigree, with the more mature M rated Unchartered, so, we have had 3 awesome UC games now, & surprise, surprise, ND have dropped that series & are serving us up The Last Of Us next. The only thing that goes against there usual theme here, is that it is not doing this new series on Sony's new hardware....So, maybe The Last Of Us is this gens Crash Kart or Jak X for ND.

Anyway, I'm happy that Guerilla are giving us a new Killzone for PS4, as Killzone just does not feel like that old a series, & I loved KZ2 & 3, & really can't wait to continue fighting the Heghast in the next iterations on my Vita, & on my upcoming PS4.
But, apart from that, we know ALL the 3rd parties will keep making there popular IP's, & in many cases bleeding them dry of any soul, originality or reasoning for gamers to waste there money on them (looking at you Hactivision & Crapcom).
Sony's inhouse studios only need rely on a few IP's for each new console, & to name them, God Of War, Gran Turismo, Killzone, would be about all, I may have forgotten one of 2. But apart from the few constants they need, I'm happy that there other top developers keep changing things up with either every console change, or just whenever the particular developer feels they have to move on from an IP.