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With God of War finished on PS3, Sony Santa Monica dares to dream about PS4

"If you give us enough time and you give us those specs, we will blow you away." - Santa Monica (God of War: Ascension, PS3, PS4, Sony Santa Monica)

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smashcrashbash  +   750d ago
Just imagine what kind of God of War like adventure they could make on the PS4. Or maybe a new IP that blows our minds
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Skips  +   750d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if they delivered BOTH! An epic new IP and God Of War IV.

I'd prefer the new IP first of course. But once SSM feel COMPLETELY comfortable with the PS4, have Kratos take on the Primordials! Or create a spiritual successor to God Of War in the Norse mythology. lol
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plaZeHD  +   750d ago
New Ip, for the love of God[Of War]new Ip.
leogets  +   750d ago
hopefully a non linear one that requires skill instead of button smashing from start to finish
smashcrashbash  +   750d ago
Please spare me. I don't know anyone who can play GOW and just go through smashing buttons and survive. I have tried and I die every time. I am not sure what game people who say that are playing.I am playing GOW right now and Sayters,Fire Cerberus and Minotaurs knock me away or block my shots or damage me unless I try other tactics.Only weak enemies you can just mash buttons but stronger enemies not different tactics.
007Bond  +   750d ago
Updated graphics, but still able to go through the game mashing one button? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH

The_Infected  +   750d ago
Kinda sounds like he's referring to MS in this statement.

"I'd be excited if I was a PS3 owner because, I'd know Sony is not just leaving me hanging or waiting until the next-gen comes out, that they're still kicking out really awesome games for me"
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Whatever it is day 1!!

Also I am dying to know what Naughty dog and Level5 is working on for ps4.
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majiebeast  +   750d ago
God of war in Norse mythology.
Blackhawk3  +   750d ago
Dare to dream Santa Monica, because the dreams I have with the potential games almost make my head explode if you can make games look and play this good on current hardware. This next generation should be a whole lot of fun. Can't wait to see what Naughty Dog has in store also.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   750d ago
I hope they start working on a new IP, I've had my Kratos fill and I've only played the trilogy.
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classic200  +   750d ago
They already have one working on as we speak, GOW ascension was just a goof bye PS3 letter.

Unlike naughty dog with 2 teams, santa monica got around 3.
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Qrphe  +   750d ago
Same, I'd rather have a new game from now.
Seraphemz  +   750d ago
Im shocked that they dont have something in the works right now... i mean if they are barely getting started, that means that we have to wait about a year or two for one of their games on the PS4...
OlgerO  +   750d ago
They said that their God of War team was focusing on acension, but they didnt say anything about their other teams!! maybe a new IP ?
Mr-SellJack  +   750d ago
they're working on a new ip for the ps3 that is an open world sci-fi shooter consisting of magic having both 1st and 3rd person views last time i heard
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BitbyDeath  +   750d ago
I cannot even begin to imagine the graphical quality these guys will bring to nextgen.
No doubt they'll set a new graphical bar.
Oh and Warhawk 2 plz XD
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Monolith  +   750d ago
Definently warhawk 2 but the dev team scaled back a lot. Sad times.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   750d ago
Play starhawk. Its basically warhawk 2
BitbyDeath  +   750d ago
I bought it but didn't like it.
The game was just too different with the knife not being a weapon, stupid regen health, not much cover, no stealth, weapons and vehicles having to be called rather than already being placed on the map etc etc
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specialguest  +   750d ago
GOW entry into the ps3 was truly epic. Brutality, graphics, and scale was dialed up to an extreme level. GOW on the ps4 would be insane.
Should have quit while they were ahead. Instead they made Ascension even though nobody really asked for it. Reviews are in and it has put a blemish on the record.
Should have pulled an ND.
BlaqMagiq24  +   750d ago
So it has to have critical acclaim for it to be a good title? Reviews are STILL saying it's a good game. It's people like you that have ruined this gen and why I can't wait for the next one. Idiot.
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Hicken  +   750d ago
Nobody really asked for your comment, either, but there it is.
smashcrashbash  +   750d ago
You mean the 8s and 9s it has been getting? How is that a blemish? I is still a good game if not a perfect game. What are you talking about? What is everyone talking about? You are the forth person to say GOW is getting bad scores when it isn't true. Are 8s and 9s and bad scores now? So by that logic Tomb Raider is a horrible game then?
LOL_WUT  +   750d ago
"If you give us enough time and you give us those specs, we will blow you away." - Santa Monica
And I believe them not just because they're DEVELOPERS but because of what they have accomplished with the GoW franchise.
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madduey  +   750d ago
I love the god of war series and can't wait to play the new one next week I don't mind waiting a year or two for GOW4 on the PS4 I'd even wait 3 years if they give me a GOW for my VITA while I wait :)
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   750d ago
i like god of war and want it to be on ps4 but i wish sony santa monica would try to be more like naughty dog and make another big name title.
PS4isKing_82  +   750d ago
I played the demo the other night and didn't feel excited for it at all. It felt too much like part 3. The combat and graphics didn't feel any diff or better to me. It's the setting honestly tht turns me off. Every god of war game looks the same as far as setting goes. Most other popular franchises change the scenery and setting so it feels fresh and not like you're playing the same game.

Games like re, MGS, halo, uncharted etc all have beautiful and exciting looking worlds and environments to explore but god of war always has the same ugly brown looking world with little variety or color. I want Santa Monica to come up with a new awesome ip that has more color and variety in its world.
nevin1  +   750d ago
"According to Simon, Santa Monica will never truly be able to max out the PS3 because, given enough time and resources, iteration will always lead to improvements.

"It's funny. In my head right now I'm like, oh yeah, we totally had to have tapped it out. But I bet you, if you gave us the same hardware, and you gave us another two or three years we would find more stuff to try to extract out of the PS3."

lol at people who dissed the Cell.
Plasticgearsolid  +   750d ago
I'm glad there done they used the IP to its fullest as a fan who owns all the games I respect where they left it. But if they made a god of war PSV i wouldn't be mad cause god of war on mobile platforms is a sweet combo
isarai  +   750d ago
It's pretty much a given they are already working on a PS4 title, hell they may have even been doing it alongside GOW A as it is a pretty damn big and telented studio. Not to mention Sony already stated that every first party studio is working on a PS4 title
CEOSteveBallmer  +   750d ago
Yes they are. But I am quite still interested if they can make a sequel to God of war 3 even if the gods are dead. Because in the end cinematics, you could see the trail of blood, giving you the feeling kratos is still alive. I hope they still make one but a new IP is also very good.
TwoMinTy  +   749d ago
I would LOVE to see what God of War can do on a PS4. And on top of that, I've been really eager to see a sequel taking place after GoW3. I know everyone is going to say all the major gods are dead, there's nothing left for Kratos. But they showed his disappearance after the credits for a reason. They had something in mind, and i have faith in SSM, they know what they're doing for sure.

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