How Skype Could Give Xbox 720 The Upper Hand Next-Gen

Skype was bought by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 billion. Why not integrate it into the Xbox 720 to take the social future of gaming forward?

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mandf1839d ago

Both MS and Sony will have it.

mandf1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

It's on the Vita. Also very well implemented.

Gildarts1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

It was probably already in development for vita at a point where they would lose money if they didn't release it. I don't see them releasing it for PS4.

kreate1838d ago

Depends. If there is contracts that are made already, MS has to go through w it. Hence, the psp/vita have it.

PopRocks3591839d ago

I have Skype on my computer which is right beside my game station. I think I'll be fine without it fully implemented into my consoles of choice.

T21839d ago

Ya I never even use vid chat on psn , which is more than enough

hazardman1839d ago

I don't know about giving MS the upper hand, but a very good service to add to xbox live. I use it about 3x a week so I know for me it would come in handy.

Dragos751839d ago

If MS implements this right it could be a game changer.

Minato-Namikaze1839d ago

Meh... A bulletin point at best. Skype would fare better mobile devices

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