Which Video Game, That Never Got a Sequel, Would You Like to See a Sequel to?

Video game history is filled with absolutely great titles that, for some reason or another, just didn’t sell well enough to warrant a sequel, despite the dedicated fan base screaming for one. Thanks to reader Bayouboyz, we’ll be focusing on some of those games in this week’s Ask PSLS: “Which Video Game, That Never Got a Sequel, Would You Like to See a Sequel to?”

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solideagle1782d ago

I want Shadow Hearts 4 but no one listens to me :(

darthv721782d ago

i really liked that game. I should have received a sequel.

A more recent game that deserves a sequel (or continuation if you will)...Dante's Inferno.

Yeah its a clone of GoW but it was still fun to play and there was potential for more hack/slash goodness going through Purgatory and finishing off with Paradise.

ABizzel11782d ago


Heavenly Sword 2 (Sony Santa Monica)
Warhawk 2 (PS3 version)
Legend of Dragoon 2
Lair / Skyrim hybrid


Jade Empire 2
Killer Instinct


Pokemon Snap 2

NateCole1781d ago

@ABizzle. Hellyeah Killer Instinct.

G20WLY1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Yeah, that would be cool.

But I'd love Heavenly Sword 2 - Nariko is an awesome character. All the character were excellent in that game, like Roach, Kai, etc.

As for Psi Ops, I liked but I much prefered Second Sight, which came out at almost the same time and was the exact same premise, but was from the guys behind Timesplitters.

DA_SHREDDER1781d ago

Armada and Skies of Arcadia 2

1nsaint1781d ago

@ABizzil1 a new jade empire would be awesome! :D

Tetsujin1781d ago

Bushido Blade 3
Einhander 2
Rival Schools 3
Power Stone 3
Ergeiz (sp) 2

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Wedge191782d ago

I didn't think of that one, good choice. Psychonauts is my obvious choice....

Eamon1781d ago

Did everyone forget about Prince of Persia 2008?

JsonHenry1782d ago

Xenogears (NOT xenosaga)
Kameo Elements of Power (don't hate me please, I liked the first one)
Beyond Good and Evil

knifefight1782d ago

You're a good man.
A proper Xenogears sequel would be a Day 1 for me, for sure.

knifefight1782d ago

A proper Xenogears sequel would be a Day 1 for me, no questions asked.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1782d ago

I have been wanting a Xenogears sequel for years. A lot of people dont know that Xenogears is Episode 5 out of a 6 episode story with some smaller parts of 2 3 and 4 but we know nothing about episode 1. I desperately want the missing 6th part to be made into a game with heavy parts from episdoe 1.

Good_Guy_Jamal1782d ago

Heavenly Sword was the first PS3 game I played. It belonged to a friend of mine but I fell in love with it and went on to complete it before he did.
Best story telling in a game I've ever experienced and I am shocked SONY has not made a sequel. Instead they chose to make more Motorstorm game. . .?!
Even though it ended like it did, I hope to see Nariko and Kai in the next installment of Heavenly Sword very soon.

Hicken1781d ago

Yeah, because Ninja Theory and Evolution are the same studio.


Good_Guy_Jamal1781d ago

Sony footed the bill for Motorstorm didn't they? They could have easily gotten another studio to make HS2 instead of giving money to Evolution to keep making that doomed racing series.

remanutd551781d ago

Motor storm is one of the most profitable franchises for Sony computer entertainment so I don't understand this comment at all besides evolution studios didn't develop heavenly sword, ninja theory did and they talked about the ps4 at the ps4 revealing event so ...

FAT MAN GO BOOM1781d ago

I agree, I loved this game too I like it more than god of war... cause the story telling was so much better...

I do hope they bring this back and the style and story a like...

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showtimefolks1782d ago

bully 2
freedom fighters 2
heavenly sword

i know darksiders got a sequel but i would love to see the GOD OF WAR team work on a new Darksiders games, that's more like a fan wish

Shenmue 3 anyone?

AngelicIceDiamond1781d ago

Bully? Really? Heavenly Sword 2 is what I'm sayin.

ArchangelMike1781d ago

How 'bout a next gen Vagrant Story... arrrrggggh... that would be awesome!

ape0071781d ago

shadow man, body harvest, HD manhunt, HD timesplitters

-Superman-1781d ago

All i want to see is Mirror Edge 2

PhoenixRising371781d ago

that's the only sequel i want to see from a game that never got one.

PhoenixRising371781d ago

i enjoyed that joke personally.

Eamon1781d ago

I'm a huge AC fan yet I found your joke funny.

+1 Bubble.

jester11221781d ago

I am probably the only one but advent rising I love the that game and want the trilogy it was suppose to happen

Cam9771781d ago

Good choice.
I choose The Saboteur.

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TrendyGamers1782d ago

And it could use the Wii U GamePad in some pretty awesome ways I bet.

Foolsjoker1782d ago

Take away this man's bubbles or jk jk

Foolsjoker1782d ago

Yes, give this man bubbles and agrees or something!

christheredhead1782d ago

I was gonna say Eternal Darkness myself. Glad someone got to it before me. That game is great.

mandf1782d ago

I would be down with that.

inStereo1782d ago

In the original (if I recall) there was lots of drawing out of arcane symbols to invoke magic, attacks, etc. - that would rock on the GamePad.

DaReapa1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I'd give you 6 more "agrees" if I could. I've become fairly grumpy at the mere mention of sequels mostly due to the abuse of sequelitis this gen. But ED is one of a select few slate of games that I would DIE to see a sequel to...that alongside Heavenly Sword.

Silicon Knights had me worked up a few years back with rumors swirling about a "next gen psychological thriller". Then I caught news of SK folding. Bummer.

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Wedge191782d ago

There are a lot of one off games out there that sadly were unrecognized and never got sequels.

FrostyZipper1781d ago

This, this a thousand times this! Words cannot express how much I want another game like God Hand.