IGN- MLB 13: The Show Vita Review

IGN;It’s got plenty of sports-sim street cred under the hood, but MLB 13 Vita feels more like the PS2 version than PS3.

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Xaphy1871d ago

I stopped trusting IGN with their vita reviews.

TemplarDante1871d ago

Xaphy, I generally dont trust IGN.
But for Vita games, they arent even worth the click.seriously.

Kingthrash3601871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

This wasnt a review. was a comparison with the ps3.
One of the complaints really got to me. "Graphics and presentation leave something to be desired" .......I thought... name one handheld baseball sim that looks better or has a better presentation than this. Another thing is he never compared it to last years version of the can you review a game in this way is beyond me. I read some of their comments and was happy to see even their readers are pissed at my same complaints. ...ign is lost and their heads are too big. Real score should be a 9 this is the best sim sports game on ANY handheld EVER and needs to be rated as such.............
IGN is not to be trusted.....first thig he says is "It’s got plenty of sports-sim street cred under the hood, but MLB 13 Vita feels more like the PS2 version than PS3." Who said its just like a ps3? I understand sony said "console quality in your hands" (last I knew ps2 is a console btw) but it NEVER said portable ps3. Ign is reviewing like its a ps3 knowing it cant perform like a ps3 with a cart vs blu ray. This game is 3gigs on psv.. 13 gigs on ps3 do the fucking math.

GribbleGrunger1871d ago

Yes, the graphics should be compared to the 3DS, not the PS3. IGN have done this with nearly every single Vita game. No doubt when you can stream PS4 games on the Vita they'll keep telling us it's not in 1080p. It never ends; it never will.

Cyrax41871d ago

Seeing as Sony has been trying to market the Vita as a portable PlayStation 3 (which it clearly isn't), I think it's perfectly acceptable for them to criticize the Vita's shortcomings.

JoGam1871d ago

When they say its a PS3 in ur hands typically they are talking about the gaming aspect. Not graphics.

kB01871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

It says that it's a portable home console experience. People needs to stop generalizing that around GRAPHICS.

Wii is still a home consoles and has lower power than the ps3 and 360 of it's time, yet it was a pretty smashing success.

The Vita needs to be compared to other portables and just treated as a major plus if compared to home consoles.

once agian, GRAPHICS doesn't mean console experience!

EXPERIENCE means how the game PLAYS, which they even stated themselves is exactly like the PS3 Version.

This is absolutely stupid, how many games have they given same score for PC and consoles, yet PC smashes them in graphics... I mean come on 1080p vs other (not bad mouthing consoles I'm just saying brass tax)...or even PS3 games that looked worse than 360 and vice versa?

Absolutely unfair and biased review, shameful of IGN.

No wonder Karma caught up to them and the company is in the crapper.

soxfan20051871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

So, now the standard for a Vita game should be to look a little better than a comparable 3DS game. Sony markets (and prices) the Vita as a high end device, yet the fanatics here now want to demote it into the same league as the 3DS simply because they can't accept a mediocre review.

It's funny how much praise was given to IGN when they named "Journey" game of the year. Today, they can't be trusted. Tomorrow - who knows?

GribbleGrunger1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Handhelds should be compared to handhelds and consoles should be compared to consoles. It's not rocket science. Do you think that the 720 and the PS4 aren't going to be compared? What would be the point in a comparison if both things you were comparing were exactly the same? What you are saying is that IF something is inferior to it's competitor then that automatically excludes it from comparison. That's crazy. I wonder, do you have the same view when it comes to comparing sales of those competing handhelds?

SilentNegotiator1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Journey is on Vita? And a handheld should be compared to consoles if its the most powerful handheld?

Trying too hard as usual to find hypocrisy, eh XboxFan2005?

Kingthrash3601871d ago

One last fun fact is the reviewer in this article is an XBOX fan. his avatar on the site is of xbox live logo. This may explain why he calls the vita a "trash stadium". I see bias fanboy bs all over this.

Cyrax41871d ago

That's because IGN's PlayStation team (Colin Moriarty & Greg Miller) aren't baseball fans and know little about the sport. The person at IGN who happens to know the most about the sport is the head Xbox editor.

Just because a game is exclusive to the PlayStation doesn't mean either Moriarty or Miller will review it.

Case in point: God of War:Ascension. Neither Miller nor Moriarty like the God of War series. Miller actually called Kratos one of the dumbest characters in video games and says he doesn't understand why people like him. As a result, the review is being done by the UK branch of IGN.

Kingthrash3601871d ago

So why does ign allow inexperianced employees review their games? As a respected and popular ign is this should be acceptable right? The guy who reviewed this game was on a rant. He did not review this game....why ...bias...maybe.. work overload probably. matter the reason the vita has been tossed aside and slandered by this site...this is just the latest bullshit.

nevin11871d ago

"first thig he says is "It’s got plenty of sports-sim street cred under the hood, but MLB 13 Vita feels more like the PS2 version than PS3."

Well to be fair, the engine hasn't really change from the PS2 game.

Kennytaur1871d ago

Oh, it has. The animations and physics are awesome, but the faces and crowds look bad up close.

Agheil1871d ago

One comment on the IGN article that has been one of my biggest argument tools when it' comes to vita graphics is that, THE VITA HAS ONLY BEEN OUT FOR A YEAR vs THE PS3 FOR 6 YEARS! It should impress anyone that the fact the Vita hasn't been out for as long can pull of what it can now!

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