CVG review God of War: Ascension round-up: Kratos brings the pain

"In our God of War: Ascension review, we said, "Despite samey combat and a story low in scope, Ascension remains a visually stunning reminder of PS3's pulling power, its sprinkling of incredible set pieces and time-refined combat laid on top of a familiar - too familiar - blueprint."

"The QTE's, the gore, the rampant nudity, it doesn't move the franchise forward in any meaningful way (the robust if uninspiring multiplayer mode definitely fails in its remit where that's concerned), but it's a new God of War, and, even at three-quarter power, that makes it worth seeking out," we added.

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NewMonday1900d ago

he is mostly just picking others that agree with him, plenty of other 9's.

SlyFamous021900d ago

Nothing is going to top GOW3, not even the latest in the GOW series. GOW can go forever as far as I am concerned, but I do believe the story has run its course and that it is time for Kratos to start moving on towards something else.

Xaphy1900d ago

I think it's time for a new character with a new story.

1900d ago
BigBoss19641900d ago

You cannot do a God of War without Kratos he's the bloody face of the franchise

OlgerO1900d ago

Yeah enough already, it has gone the same path as gears of war and halo.


its time for santa monica to move on for god's sake.I know it's their baby and they love the series, we all do.Maybe it's time for kratos to take an extended vacation. ...

lovegames7181900d ago

If they dont make another ip they should do a God Of War about Hercules and his adventures. Or they could do a bada%s Spartacus game!!!!!