JM: PaRappa Voice Actor Leads Petition for PaRappa The Rapper 3

Junkie Monkeys: Junkie Monkeys recently caught up with our good friend Dred Foxx to talk about his campaign for PaRappa the Rapper 3 and more.

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WillGuitarGuy1298d ago

Nice interview. PaRappa The Rapper 3 on the vita would be sick. Make it happen Sony! You gotta believe!

jujubee881298d ago

The VITA doesn't have display latency of HDTV's. This would be PERFECT!

Please, make it happen SCE!

Treezy5041298d ago

Yes Vita would be perfect, hell even a downloadable version available for PS4 at launch would be awesome!

darthv721298d ago

sounds like a guy that is needing some work. But its good that he thinks so highly of himself to want to get sony to invest in a new game.

They are loads of fun and its surprising they werent in the market for a 3rd in the first place.

i wish him luck and hope it comes to fruition.

NYC_Gamer1298d ago

I would want PaRappa to be on console

TongkatAli1298d ago

I would love Sony to Kickstarter this.

Treezy5041298d ago

Exactly!! Getting the fans behind this would be more than enough reason to put out a PTR3. Have initial funding to see how it does then they put up the rest of the funding and give out special incentives to those who funded the game.

TuxedoMoon1298d ago

I do hope sony dives back into their PS1 franchises and revives them. A Kickstarter needs to happen...or at least a large petition?

Dogswithguns1298d ago

Yes plz.. been wanting it since forever.

PSVita1298d ago

If they made it a platformer I'd buy.

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