New Game & Wario screenshots, details

NE: "Nintendo has updated the official Game & Wario site with screenshots and information about four mini-games."

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TuxedoMoon1903d ago

I loved the GBA Warioware games. LEt's just hope this game delivers on the fun and weirdness of those past games. I haven't played the wii wario-ware game.

Venox20081903d ago

oh, you should, wii version is awesome, same could be said about 2 ds games

Knushwood Butt1903d ago

This kind of thing worked back in the early days of the DS, but these days you can get this kind of stuff for free on your phone.

Venox20081903d ago

does anyone know if this title will be like other verdions, I mean with story mode and micro games with boss stage, or will it be just like wii sports/nintendo land style? just pick up stage and play?