Hotline Miami creators poke at EA’s SimCity server problems

In a Tweet posted on the titles official Twitter page, the creators of popular indie title Hotline Miami flippantly reminded their followers that, unlike EA’s SimCity, whose servers are currently down from time of writing, Hotline Miami’s “servers” are “infallible”.

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zerocrossing1961d ago

Well EA should stop being so crap if they want to avoid ridicule.

TongkatAli1961d ago

Hurry up with the Vita version.

Kennytaur1961d ago

For a game requiring always online DRM, you'd think EA would have proper servers up by launch. I guess they really are a stupidly rich company.

I hope they've got this mess worked out by the time I get my copy.

sdozzo1961d ago

Pretty common. You don't buy extra for the early influx...