God Of War Ascension Is Taking Gamers By Storm At Sony's Launch Event

Marketing Director Matt Levitan details Sony's God of War Ascension from their Canada launch event. Mat shares with us why God of War Ascension is the must have game for PS3. Ascension introduces multiplayer and a variety of online modes.

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creHEARTive2020d ago

that collector's edition statue is pretty sweet.

LessThan2Tflops2020d ago

It's not taking anyone by storm with these average review scores

dafegamer2020d ago

lets see how the next gears of war fares

Skate-AK2020d ago

His name is a shot at the PS4 cause it has less than 2 teraflops. He's just Sony trollin.

smashcrashbash2020d ago

8s and 9s are average review scores? In which dimension is that?

dafegamer2020d ago

take a look at his history, an obvious troll actually

PR_FROM_OHIO2020d ago

What's funny isn't that what Halo 4 averaged ?? But it's a Sony exclusive so now 8 an 9's are no longer good enough LMFAO!!!!!!!

WarThunder2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

You have games like gears of war 2 released with broken multiplayer, lags, bugs and glitchs. Unpolished SP and yet still gets high scores like 10s and 9s....

Should i even mention Call of duty?

So much for review score credibility..

BXbomber2020d ago

u know reviewers nowadays if it ain't an xbox exclusive or on xbox at all then it won't be great, that the mentality of reviewers. so sad.

Good_Guy_Jamal2020d ago

Uncharted 2 or 3 reviews? Littlebigplanet? Heavy Rain? Were they not credible then? I need to know so that I understand. Ni No Kuni gets great reviews and reviewers are credible, God of War 3 gets excellent scores and reviews are very credible. . .
Ascension gets good not excellent reviews and reviewers aren't credible anymore?
Were you this vocal when these same reviewers with no credibility were handing out game of the year awards to Journey?
Is it too much to ask for a little bit of consistency? You are so transparent, you love when reviewers give ps3 exclusives great scores but you moan when they don't and start questioning their credibility. It's petty and childish.

WarThunder2020d ago

@ Good_Guy_Jamal

I speak reviews in general. I also said the same thing in Crysis 3 reviews and any other game review...
I don't care on what platform the game is.\

And btw i don't own a PS3 nor a 360. I'm i PC gamer....

xHeavYx2020d ago

Not surprised by LessThan2Tflops response. He probably cries inside every time a good PS3 game launches. He went as far as to say that Tomb Raider surpassed Uncharted in every way

Silly gameAr2020d ago

They're out lurking pretty hard today. It's like every GOW article I go to, there's some dumb comment with some troll pretending that GOW is doing poorly.

I guess it is in their mind, but anyone with half a brain can see how well GOW is doing review wise.

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KrisK2020d ago

I need to go to these parties. :(