Zombie Studios Releases First Screens Of Unreal 4 Based Daylight | STFUandPlay

Torrence Davis writes, "The first Unreal 4 based game, Daylight, now has some screens courtesy of Zombie Studios via their Raptr Q&A from today. "

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Romudeth1873d ago

Not as impressive as that tech demo but it doesn't have that "Unreal Engine look" so that's good.

PockyKing1873d ago

Not impressive? Look at the textures on the walls etc, looks pretty damn good for a cheap indie game.

Timesplitter141873d ago

I highly doubt this game is really representative of next-gen. This could easily be made on current-gen consoles.

PockyKing1873d ago

Yea, I don't think we'll see a true representation of UE4 on next-gen tech till Epic really starts to show off Fortnite.

tordavis1873d ago

I guess no one here read the description of what this game does. It is next gen in the fact that it dynamically creates new levels on the fly. No two experiences through this game will be the same.

Timesplitter141873d ago

Yes, thank god. I was so sick of the Unreal Engine 3 look. All bloomy and color-filtered everywhere

FlameBaitGod1873d ago

lol looks like a ps2 game

FlameBaitGod1873d ago

actually no, a ps2 game looks better

Shinuz1873d ago

Its looking good, hope they use UE4 for the 7th Guest 3

xdavillainx1873d ago

The compass I have in my phone looks better than that crap.

r211873d ago

Looks good. Also 'console'? Is this an exclusive?