CD Projekt: "Independence is a crucial part of a our strategy"

GIB:Within the first minute of our interview beginning, CD Projekt's MD and studio head Adam Badowski speaks a phrase which strikes me on many levels. Firstly, it warms me to him instantly. Secondly, I briefly suspect that he's being tremendously naive. Lastly, I realise that he's the one in charge of a team working on two AAA PC and next gen console titles at once - proof that even if he sounds like an idealist, he's not shy of business smarts either.

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NYC_Gamer2023d ago

I'm happy CDPR won't become apart of some mega publisher

Irishguy952022d ago

They're free to make what they want without the restrictions of publishing ****ers.

Plagasx2022d ago

Good, stay far away from the evil that is EA and Activision.

ceballos77mx2022d ago

This guys work will always be a day 1 purchase from me, I trust them