God of War: Ascension Vs. The PlayStation 4

Kotaku: "Last month, Sony started trying to convince us that we will need a PlayStation 4. The system is coming out at the end of the year.

This month, the new God of War, God of War Ascension might as well be an argument that we don't."

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GiggMan2025d ago

It just goes to show what top notch developers can do with the hardware that they are given to work with. There is no doubt in my mind that Santa Monica can make God of War look even better on the PS4.

***SPOILER ALERT IN THE ARTICLE*** There are some pretty epic moments in those "30 second" clips at the bottom of the page. If you want the game to feel fresh and not have moments ruined like the annual God of War sex scene don't click on the clips...

JAM_brz2025d ago

Thanks for the advice...

and I think developers can absorb even more from the PS3, that hasn't reach the limit yet. Lets see TLOU.

Fishermenofwar2025d ago

The annual God Of War of war sex scene..LOLZ...

So So Epic :)

ABizzel12025d ago

O........M..........F......... ...G First video.

2pacalypsenow2025d ago

Man is 2006 all over gain :-) with GOW II releasing and the Ps3 releasing in a few months .. Nostalgia

Now Ascension and the ps4 releasing in a few months

classic2002025d ago

The big difference is that the console will likely be $400 or $450, I don't see PS4 selling like PS3. we might see PS4 trying to reach that PS2 record.

Fishermenofwar2025d ago

For anyone that downloaded the Demo...

Do you think they are setting up Kratos to some how be transported to Odin's realm by Loki???

Just an idea....

Grimhammer002025d ago

Last gen mp online was just getting started. At the very end.

I'll be interested to see how Sony prices the PS4.
If its too high....there's little reason to jump from ps3. Unless they quickly cut-off ps3 online support. That would be in the face of their announced plans for ps3 to be supported for 10yrs.

Games like God of War, last of Us and beyond don't make me feel like I need a ps4 at launch. And third party devs/publishers aren't going to jump ship immediately. Not until the install base for ps4 is suitable large enough to warrant it.

TheFallenAngel2025d ago

I don't want God of War to change too much. Because it won't be God of War. its sad how other series like CoD, halo, Mario get away with being basically the same without no one complaining.

NateCole2025d ago

playstation is also known as complain station.

Funny thing is if they change it to a rpg they will also complain that is not true to its roots.

Good_Guy_Jamal2025d ago

Nobody complaining? You can't go into a single Call of Duty article without one of you whiners complaining about change.
CoD 4 averaged 94 on metacritic.
CoD Black Ops 2 averaged 83.
Tell me again that nobody complained! I hate it when you people act the victim as if Halo 4 didn't get lower reviews then Halo 3!
Quit pretending there's a conspiracy against Playstation games, it's very annoying.

r212025d ago

He meant change in graphics and gameplay, an evolution of their previous predecessors, I assume. What is up with you and commenting on GoW related comments? Dude, calm down, let them enjoy GoW time.

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