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Gamers Vent About SimCity Server Issues On Social Communities Like Reddit And GameSkinny

Forbes - For some gamers, it’s been over a decade of technological advances since the last SimCity was released. EA Maxis has crafted a beautiful new interactive world that looks like a model railroad city come to life. And the game has been receiving rave reviews from the press (many of whom got to play it early before these issues arose.)

But DRM issues have continued to plague the game as EA hasn’t been able to keep its servers up with the demand from fans. A similar problem plagued the launch of Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III, another critically-acclaimed game that just couldn’t keep up with demand.

Amy White, senior editor at GameSkinny.com, has been monitoring the situation and taking fan feedback on her social community. She explains what Digital Rights Management (DRM) is all about, why Maxis’ good gameplay is useless when gamers can’t access it right away and why DRM could cause a problem with next gen consoles like PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox in this exclusive interview. (Amy White, EA, Gameskinny.com, Maxis, PC, SimCity)

jagiii  +   809d ago
Forcing gamers to play everything online only causes problems.
Godmars290  +   809d ago
By active and current example. Nevermind the prior one set by Diablo 3.

If publishers are trying to force this onto people, would at least be nice if they didn't also provide evidence of why its a generally bad idea day-one.
thehitman  +   809d ago
What happen with product keys?

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