The Co-op Episode 46: If Call of Duty Was Free To Play

On this week's Co-op Podcast we spoke in length about Respawn Co-founder Jason West departing from Respawn, and what Respawn has in store for us come E3. This branched off into us discussing a possible Call of Duty competitor, as Respawn used to be Infinity Ward. We started to discuss the possibility of seeing these popular First-person shooters adopting a free-to-play model where the publishers would offer the game for free but make profit only from micro-transactions. If there's anyone who could do this, it's definitely Activision Blizzard.

We also touched on Yu Suzuki's desire to Kickstarter fund a new Shenmue game. Sega currently own the trademark for Shenmue, so what's the likelihood of them lending the license to Suzuki to finish what he started? Let us know what you think.

Also we discussed the recent announcement of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and what it means to the franchise. Is it too soon for us to be given Assassin's Creed IV?

All of this and more, be sure to take a listen and leave us your feedback below. You can also subscribe to our Podcast feed on itunes, all the latest episodes should now be up there.

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htownplaya2024d ago

This is a great podcast about video games.

rbailey2024d ago

As long as Activision are making Call of Duty games... they well NEVER be free to play. Also who really cares about Shenmue 3? GTFOH

Number-Nine2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

i feel they would lose money if they went free to play.

their games are basically $100 if you purchase all of their map packs. 100x(sales number)= a lotta $$$.

note: i know that not everyone who bought the game will purchase their map packs so using the sales number would be inaccurate but still, millions of people probably do.

ElectroJade2024d ago

This is just based on dreams that will never happen. :(

otherZinc2024d ago

The podcast on the PS4 was great. Just loaded 46, I'll listen as I play some Horde Mode preparing for Gears Judgment.