God of War: Ascension – 3D Support & Local Co-op in TioG Were Explored, Not Pursued Further

We’ve had a very busy day here at PSLS with God of War: Ascension news. First it was our full review, then a trophy guide, and further details about the multiplayer. As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a few more tidbits of information to hold you over until you can actually buy the game on Tuesday.

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TrendyGamers1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I probably would have used local co-op quite a bit in Trial of the Gods.

darthv721959d ago

would have been cool. My son likes to watch me play the GoW games but it would have been nice to have him fight along side me instead.

TrendyGamers1959d ago

Maybe we'll see it in the next GoW?

darthv721959d ago

3d represents a possible future for entertainment but there was such an over abundance of content not worthy of the 3d treatment that it became a cheap way to cash in on the trend.

Jim Cameron said it best around the release of Avitar that for 3d to survive, it cant be a dumping ground for anything and everything. Yet the movies that were done with 3d specifically were overshadowed by the dozens that used it to turn a quick buck.

Its sort of like, if there is no real substance to a movie. good story that draws the viewer in, most studios resort to the cheap thrills of sex, violence and vulgarity.

There are numerous games and movies that should never have been given the 3d treatment and because of such ruined the enjoyment for everyone else.

Sometimes, things come along that start off as good ideas but you get those that exploit the ideas for personal gain instead of progressing it forward into something better.

Think of the whole DLC situation we are in the mix with. DLC was a good way to extend the relevance of a game but then it gets turned into a way to release an unfinished product. so many are apprehensive of games that offer it because of the bad taste they got from other games that rely on it so much.

But every so many years or so...3d tries to make a return because the industry thinks we are finally ready to embrace it. We came close this time.....maybe next time it will be better.

ftwrthtx1959d ago

3D seems to be slowly going away.

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The story is too old to be commented.