God of War Ascension Review: Fun but not Fresh | Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun: "Just as Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider benefited from long hiatuses followed by exciting and inventive reboots, so could – and so should – God of War.

Kratos has worked hard, fought hard and loved hard. We salute him. But it may be time for our angry friend to take a well-deserved rest."

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Dante1121900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Lol, I didn't know newspapers in Toronto review video games. Lavalamp is diggin deep for these reviews. Keep em coming.

CaptainYesterday1900d ago

What do you have against Toronto?

zebramocha1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

@captain I think dante's comment was on how some of these website pop out of no where to make a review on certain games and disappears afterwards.

Derekvinyard131900d ago

I love GOW, they all hold a special place in my gameing past but I see where he's going, this is more GOW but was it really needed? GOW 3 was one of my favorite games of all time should have just ended there. It just felt like it ended it with 3

kayoss1899d ago

I thought the same about Call of duty modern warfare... but for some reason the game kept coming and coming and coming and it was the same thing over and over and over again. At least GOW have a story.

Cocozero1900d ago

Looks like its 7/8s everywhere

Eldyraen1900d ago

Probably end up being an 8-8.5 average at best so far by looks of it. Its not much of a surprise as more and more Franchises have been losing steam this generation. Basically its all coming down to fatigue as we need new blood now and again no matter how great the old staples are.

Even then, it sounds like GoW will still be enjoyable for those of us that play them so I'm happy no matter what reviews end up saying. I'm not disappointed by more 8s than 9s thus far for reasons above alone.

ritsuka6661899d ago

The game still 79 score in meta. Anyway,This looks like it will be the lowest rated GOW,Yep the franchise fatigue has set in it seems.

DigitalRaptor1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

One of the lowest rated, yet it not only maintains the quality but pushes the bar even further and offers something fresh and excellent in the multiplayer. Can you explain that? When franchises like Call of Duty get a free pass, what the hell is going on?

I remember when journalists judged games objectively based on factual analysis. Personal opinion only gets you so far, and as a journalistic outlet your existence is the provide how good a game is, not whether you're bored of the gameplay.

If you're bored of the gameplay and want to throw some hypocritical statements together you shouldn't be reviewing it in the first place. Overwhelming opinion should be saved for blogs, not 'professional' reviews.

Good_Guy_Jamal1899d ago

Call of duty gets a free pass? Where? Last I checked Modern Warfare had a metascore of 94 and Black Ops 2 got an 83, 11 whole points decked off.
I really hate this mentality that fanboys have, they will love you when you're giving their favourite games high scores and then turn around and question your partiality when you don't.
Why is it that you only question reviewers when they give average scores? Why weren't you complaining when the same reviewers were giving GoW 3 perfect scores?
You can't just flip flop whenever it suits you, if you want to bring in question this review and all other less than perfect reviews then lets also bring in question all the game of the year awards that have been handed to your favourite games. Yes?

fsfsxii1900d ago

Nobody said the same thing with every halo and every gears or any other FPS game
Get real people

matrixman921900d ago

those werent the 4th prequel in a series...this is far from fresh

Good_Guy_Jamal1900d ago

Really? Nobody?? So you're claiming to be the first person in the history of the internet to utter those words?
Besides, I count 3 released Gears games and 1 on the way. This must be the 8th God of War game if we count all the psp and ps2 games plus their remasters and volumes and what not.
Halo I agree, although that only has one prequel at last count.

fsfsxii1899d ago

LOL, you're counting HD collection!!
2 games for each console and each one changes for the better and sees enhancements with each game
The gameplay in GOWA has changed and even better than ever

Mr-SellJack1899d ago

your name is funny,may i ask are you a terrorist?

admiralvic1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

God of War is on its 6th game (4 on consoles 2 portable) and they all play relatively the same way. Thats not to say the game NEEDS to change, but after 6 rehashes, I can understand where some people are coming from.

As far shooters are concern, go and actually read virtually any topic about Call of Duty. There is usually 1 person saying CoD should change it up or another person pointing out that they've resold the same game ___ times. You can find SIMILAR comments in Assassins Creed topics (usually CoD is mentioned there), so no God of War is not some unique example, nor is it merely "fanboy hate". Also in Halo's case, we DID see Halo Wars, which I hear was awful, but they did try something different.

SDF Repellent1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Why are you comparing this game to FPS, especially xbox 360 FPS? Shouldn't you compare this game to Tomb Raider, Uncharted, the latest Metal Gear and DMC because, you know, they are in the same genre?

fsfsxii1899d ago

I compared the points he mentioned about the MP mode, lack of originality, LOL!!
And what a surprise, i never knew that Uncharted and Tomb Raider were Hack & Slash games

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x5exotic1900d ago

Reviews are losing their credebility when the the new dmc is landing 9's and 10's with its shitty story, terrible animation and gameplay and a lot of chores shamelessly disguised as "platforming" while this gets these scores.

Kran1900d ago

Wow... just... wow.

This is what this site has come to.

Games like DmC get's good scores, 'some' people say "NO NO NO TERRIBLE GAME WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE IT"

Games like GoW get's "still fairly good" scores, 'some' people go "WHAT? YOU GAVE IT SUCH A LOW SCORE? THIS REVIEW SUCKS" seriously man? seriously.

notice how I say 'some' just to output any confusion

x5exotic1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Because this is beyond what people like and dislike, a game like DmC is an insult, it's a cheap way of saying DMC2 remade, it's seriously worse than a game based on a movie or something, but yeah go ahead and 'succubus' me if you want.

Notice how I say 'succubus" to output any confusion

@Unicorn no no no, not implying that. Just saying that reviewers are now much less reliable than before (and they were pretty bad before)

So far that particular trophy in the game was really tasteless as many people pointed out but the game seems pretty awesome

Unicron1900d ago

People who let review scores dictate their opinions are frankly idiots.

Unicron1900d ago

Wasn't digging at you exotic. I just think people put way too much importance on someone else's opinion because an arbitrary number is attached. It's kind of pathetic. Play what you want because you want to! I'm able to enjoy Bayonetta, DMC3, the new DmC, all of GoW, MGR because I can form my own opinions. I don't need someone else telling me its a 2 or an 8 or a whatever.

WarThunder1899d ago

@Unicron, "People who let review scores dictate their opinions are frankly idiots."

EXACTLY! and yet you got disagrees from 3 idiots.

I buy a game that i think it looks good and its for my taste, i never bought a game based on scores...

I remember when i had a PS3, There was a PS3 game that got a lot of Hate from the media and low scores like 5-6-7.
It was called Folklore. I went and bought it and for me it was one of the best action RPG games i have ever played.

Reviews have 0 creditably.

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Good_Guy_Jamal1899d ago

Will they still have no credibility when they give The last of us perfect scores? I need to know cause I'm very confused.
Credible for Ni No Kuni but not credible for Ascension. Do I have it about right?

WarThunder1899d ago

If those 2 games get 10/10 or any game from so called "gaming" journalism....

They still don't have any creditably...

DigitalAnalog1899d ago

Remember that time when IGN gave a perfect score to U3? People still didn't give a shit about that site.

TuxedoMoon1900d ago

I don't know what to really say about this review. If he's going to treat Gow:A like a tired series, he will have to be consistent with the other games out there to. Every FPS game should be docked points cause they're all FPS games or are tired out.

Crystallis1899d ago

Yes and no. What you are talking about in regards to FPS is the genre. If I create a new IP FPS and you create a new IP FPS then those are fresh new titles regardless if the genre of FPS is fatigued. What we are talking about here is God of war as a series.

I for one love GOW and will be getting this day 1 next week, but I'm not a blind fanboy and say that this series is not suffering a little fatigue. GOW 3 blew my mind and although GOW:A looks incredible i dont have the same wow factor I did with GOW 3.

Take a look at halo 4. A great game but it didn't get nowhere near the high scores halo 3 did. The same with Forza, Gears of war and Killzone. This kind of stuff is inevitable with each new iteration of a series.

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