God of War Ascension Review - Gore Blimey | Metro

Metro: "Kratos may not be gaming’s most charismatic protagonist but it turns out he has a surprising knack for multiplayer as well as single-player action, in one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 3."

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TheKayle2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

franchise in decline?

TuxedoMoon2027d ago

When is an 8/10 a bad thing?

Good_Guy_Jamal2027d ago

Nobody said it was. Its just a decline in the usual stellar quality.

DigitalRaptor2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

8/10 isn't a bad score and the problem isn't that it's a "decline in the usual stellar quality". That's just something you're taking from the lower than average scores from people who claim to be bored of it. That's their opinion, not facts based on the quality of the game.

The problem is that people are claiming that it's just more of the same and the franchise is at a level of fatigue. If you'll look at the facts, which several reviews are telling us (whether they're 8,9 or 7/10), the game still pushes technical boundaries and is highly polished, very very refined, ridiculous fun, and even adds a huge multiplayer which is also ridiculous fun and adds more options to players. But repeatedly, the main disappointment is that is doesn't stray far enough from the formula.

How is that a decline in quality? If you look at all the facts, and not opinion based on individual fatigue, it's a better game than GOW3. What if someone has never played God of War series before? They're not bored of Ascension if they enjoy it are they? Because the technical details speak for themselves. Whether you enjoy something or not is an element of circumstance. Reviews are meant to judge stand alone quality.