Which Next Generation Console Should You Buy?

Gadget Mill: We are slowly but surely approaching a new wave of next generation consoles. Sony have already pushed the boat out by announcing the PS4 in their PlayStation Event press conference. Microsoft as of now are still playing their cards close to their chest and Nintendo have already gone ahead and released the Wii-U. The Wii-U in my opinion doesn’t count as next generation – so I’ll class them as a ‘new generation console’ they pride themselves under.

Some people have already gone ahead and made their mind up about which console they will buy – this is evident by their attitude towards their favourite console including comments they make mentioning things like ‘first day buy’ on every positive article related to their favourite console. I was also like this previous generation but have decided to keep an open mind this generation! Although I do plan to buy all the next generation consoles as I did this generation.

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Walker1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )


Abash1815d ago

It's too early to tell, but Im all for going net gen with a PS4 with the games it's getting

darthv721815d ago

then again (speaking for myself) I am a console gigolo. I like this industry too much to buy just one.

inveni01814d ago

I love this industry more than anyone I know, and I won't be buying an Xbox unless it's the Xbox 180 (meaning that Microsoft has done a complete turnaround in the direction they're taking the platform).

BUT, there's no way of knowing what the nextBox will be. So I can't decide if ill buy one or not. I CAN say that I'll be a day-one PS4 owner, though.

buddymagoo1814d ago

The biggest thing for me is that I can trust Sony to deliver on the quantity and quality of games I require.

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NukaCola1815d ago

Well for now, PS4 has secured a day one. MS has their chance to shine this E3, but based on what Xbox 360 has become...I am not completely secure in their next system.


'based on what Xbox 360 has become'..... You make it sound like PS3 is better!

TIP: It's not!

jujubee881815d ago


(Ps4 for me too)

raWfodog1815d ago

I'll more than likely get both, like I always have. As long as they have games I want to play.

UnholyLight1814d ago

Both for me as well. Incredibly stupid to say one or the other at this point because Microsoft hasn't shown anything yet!!

SuperLupe1815d ago

Asking this question on N4G makes no sense.

DigitalSmoke1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

A site that brings community filtered news, is far more fair then a 98% of the regular news sources where everything happens behind closed doors, moneys handed and all.

If this site draws more Sony suporters then its for a good reason, and there is no shame in that cause it just shows how aware Sony users are.

AngelicIceDiamond1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Gotta wait and see what MS introduces first.

EDIT: Though what @Lupe said asking this question on N4G doesn't make sense.

Majority of people on N4G will say PS4 anyway so the question is completely pointless. Generalizing, people on here don't like Xbox.

I understand if someone says 720 and gets disagrees because, well, we know nothing about the 720. But that's not why N4G disagrees when somebody says Xbox. N4G just plain hastes Xbox lol.

TheTwelve1815d ago

Beware of the condescending guys who will say "Be a real gamer and buy both". As for me? PS4. ---- 12

showtimefolks1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

for me its ps4 only, not because wiiu or next xbox won't be good. Its because i don't have time to play as many games and to justify the spending on 2 systems

ps4 because i been a playstation fan since day one and know for sure sony will deliver content

i could careless about all the features, if you can deliver games and let me play for free online than that's value to me

Gildarts1815d ago

This article is bullshit. 720 isn't even announced yet and we don't know what its capable of.

1up1814d ago

umm yeah im going out on a limb will play video games.

user76939581815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

no question here..
only few will get a xbox over a PS4.

this site may seem as full of PS4 fans but the true is that Sony has won out like.. they want to please the gamers.. and obviously we Gamers appreciate that.
this this is a unfair question sine Sony has all the hype in their favor so far.

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amiga-man1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

PS4 the nextbox is not even a consideration while they continue to force subscription charges on me to use MY internet.

JsonHenry1814d ago

I will own the PS4, new Xbox, Steambox, and upgrade my gaming PC as needed. There really is enough room for all of them if you have a family/kids and enough money to go around.

At THIS point with what we are told now if I had to pick just one I would choose the PS4. But I may change my mind on that when I finally get a chance to see what MS has up its sleeve.

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Galacticos1815d ago

PS4 + PC - the perfect combination for ALL your gaming needs.

NYC_Gamer1815d ago

That's gonna be my combo :)

jujubee881815d ago

Gunna gear up like Optimus Prime.

cookiemonster441815d ago

Depends on the PC - what rig you got?

xHeavYx1815d ago

@Galacticos But you'll miss on Halo 5, 6, 7.... and 8............and 9

dcbronco1814d ago

But you'll get Uncharted 5,6,7 and inFamous 3,4,5,6, and LBP Kart 2 and LBP Little Airplane 1 and LBP Tiny Submarine 1 and Killzone Infinity and GT6,7,8,9.....

Everyone does sequels. Some just can't see it.

1up1814d ago

pc upgrade at the end of the year will do me better then any console. but have to have the wii u for all of nintendo's great games, i know right. i still enjoy all of nintendos first party games, helps me stay a kid.

xHeavYx1814d ago

@dcbronco I'd much rather get Uncharted, Infamous, LBP (regular and karting) Killzone, GT, GOW while getting new IPs (I'd list them all, but I'm new here and I don't know if there is a character limit (that's sarcasm by the way) than getting Halo, Forza, Gears and Kinect stuff

donman11814d ago

Actually when it comes to 1st and 2nd party franchies.... The WiiU/PS4 is the perfect combination for all your gaming needs. We already know PS4 will get all the AAA 3rd party games.

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zerocrossing1815d ago

Well considering we know next to nothing about MS's next console I'd say it's anyone's game.

Can't really call it with so little to go on IMO.

cookiemonster441815d ago

You guys are clearly missing the point.

Bigpappy1815d ago

I don't know. What info does the aricle provide that would help me make a dicission? ....