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Gaming Trend: "With the prequel behind us, I’m not sure where the series goes from here. This title ties up the past up nicely, giving us a complete storyline for our doomed hero. Many people may have looked at this title as an obvious cash-in, but they’d be wrong. God of War: Ascension is not content to rest on past success, giving players new combat options, a fresh approach to magic and rage, an even larger sense of scale, and some small but meaningful mechanical changes that improve the overall polish to the game. While there are some odd sound hiccups and the occasional camera oddities, the game comes across as one of, if not the, best in the series. The multiplayer is icing on the cake, giving players a way to challenge their friends to something other than highest combo – a welcome addition."

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FunAndGun1960d ago

I don't even care if every review site gave it a 1, that multiplayer was hellaciously addictive and I'm ready to stomp some heads!

Dante1121960d ago

8/10 aren't good scores either? There are a couple of more 9/10 on the PS3 news space, just didn't get any views or hits for it to pop up on the main N4G news space yet.

GiggMan1960d ago

I'm just getting here and I was assuming by everyones tone that the game was flopping. All I'm seeing is 8's and 9's... Am I missing something? Just saying, the scores are looking good to me even though I'm not into those things.