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Submitted by ploogle 1068d ago | rumor

Wind Waker Remake to Debut at Premium Price?

Nintendo of America is set to release an HD remake of Gamecube classic Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker later this year. What wasn't known was the price, until now. (GameCube, Nintendo, Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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depodemolisher  +   1069d ago
Not lying about this rumor
iamtehpwn  +   1068d ago
well, keep in mind it's a remake, not a remaster. This game isn't like the simply Higher resolution nicer textures. You can tell by the comparisons screenshots it a 100% redone, remade game, thus full price at $60 isn't too bad--especially considering the game is also coming with new improvements and additions to the gameplay.

And I can't believe anyone would expect a fully remade game to be same price as a remaster anyways.
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mcstorm  +   1068d ago
I agree and if every one can remember back just over 12 months ago Nintendo did this with Zelda on the 3DS and I was more than happy with what they did.
LightSamus  +   1068d ago
Means nothing to be fair, it's just a placeholder.
PopRocks359  +   1069d ago
I hope that price is only a placeholder, but I have a feeling it's real which is a shame. As a fan, I'm fine with paying $60 for Wind Waker with updated graphics and gameplay, but I don't see others being able to approach it the same way. $40 would have been ideal and $50 would have at least been appropriate (since GCN games were initially priced the same way).
Yi-Long  +   1068d ago
I doubt I'll ever buy a WiiU....
... and part of the reason for that is that all these ports of older games (NfS MW, Ninja Gaiden 3, Zelda WW, Batman AC, etc) are being released at ridiculous prices.

I already bought WW back in the Gamecube days, and I loved the game, but when I want to play it again in HD, I'll use Dolphin, instead of giving Nintendo my money twice.
Theyellowflash30  +   1068d ago
What new system doesn't have older ports when its first released? Xbox 360 and PS3 had the same issues.

You need to give it some time. There will be a new Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid, 3D Mario, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, and much more.

It's only 3-4 months into the Wii U's life. In 2-3 years from now the Wii U will have an excellent games and the ports will be all but gone.
Summons75  +   1068d ago
Wonder waker is being completly remade, Nfs and NG were completely revamped. Besides batman they aren't simple ports. Plus all the new and games that will be offered over the life time of the system. Sure dont buy it now but don't write it off now either, that's a bit silly
delboy  +   1068d ago
I understand your point for bitching about game prices, but only if you already own a ps360 with all of these games.
What about PC game ports that are released later on consoles, but being sold at higher price then the pc counterpart?
Tell me how you feel about Diablo 3 coming on consoles?
Is it worth your money?
Will you buy it if you don't already own it for PC?
I will, I skipped it on PC because of allways online stuff, and I see no problem whatsoever in paying full price for it on ps360.
It is Diablo 3 first appearence on ps360,and same goes for WiiU ported games.

I will buy a WiiU and WW HD, because I never played it before, never had a GameCube.
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Yi-Long  +   1068d ago
Please read...
... I didn't say I have a problem with ports, remakes. I think they're great and I welcome them with open arms when they're done right!

I also didn't say they WiiU only has ports and will continue to only have ports. Like any Nintendo-console it will have a bunch of awesome exclusives.

I DO have a problem with the ridiculous prices of most of these ports/remakes on the WiiU, and it IS very much one if the reasons why I have no interest (yet?) to pick one up. Especially if they're games I already bought and own.
PopRocks359  +   1068d ago
Need For Speed and Ninja Gaiden 3 had different content though. They're not exactly the same games as their 360/PS3 counterparts and I have not played either of those yet.

Also I doubt Dolphin will be made to run Wii U games within the year. Not that I would care if it did, I've used it before; it's not really reliable when it's running Metroid Prime at a sluggish ten FPS.
Yi-Long  +   1068d ago
... go to, search for 'Metroid' and 'Dolphin', and watch the game run perfectly in 1080p.

... and then get a better PC than the one you currently have.
PopRocks359  +   1068d ago
I've seen the footage. And no thank you. I learned from friends (and now experience) that not all emulators run all games properly regardless of how solid your specs are. My PC is good enough to run GTAIV a bit better than a 360. It should have had no problems running Metroid Prime in that regard.

I already have Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii anyway, so I don't see why it's necessary. I'm also not a fan of stealing games. So thanks for the suggestion, but I'll politely choose to pass.
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xursz  +   1068d ago
Not a lot of poeple will pay full price for a remake 2 generations old, at least i'd hope not.
PopRocks359  +   1068d ago
Halo Anniversary Edition sold pretty well, I believe. So you're kind of late on that one.
Jadedz  +   1069d ago
I thought...
Nintendo stated that it wasn't a remastered title, but a remade one? They'll be new elements to the game, and the co-op aspect will be a lot more impactful (here's hoping! xD).

I'll pay that price if content is added, or future patches to prolong the title, exist down the road.
BanBrother  +   1068d ago
I agree, but how much of a remake is this? Keep in mind the fantastic Halo Anniversary was very well done, and went for $40 instead of the usual $60 in the U.S.

Either way, Zelda rocks.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1068d ago
I think they are redoing the whole game, making it look 10x better and not just updating textures.
Kevlar009  +   1068d ago
DivineAssault  +   1068d ago
ill buy it but not for $60.. If it drops, ill get it.. if not, well im buying it used & nintendo wont get a dime..
animegamingnerd  +   1068d ago
why cause while there certain publishers that don't deserve any money cough EA cough why nintendo
DivineAssault  +   1068d ago
EA doesnt get anything from me either.. Well, im lying cuz they bought out bioware but only ME 2 & 3.. Other than that, nada.. Nintendo will get my money if its worth it to me.. I paid full price for Fire Emblem & 50% of their other 1st party 3DS games.. This, no cuz i already did when it came out on gamecube.. If it were $40 or if it was a collection of remakes but not this..
RTheRebel  +   1068d ago
Divine's a drone
No need to waste your time ;)
LastXeno  +   1068d ago
it's a complete re-imagination of Wind Waker, the best game of all time. I'd pay $100 for it.
MasterCornholio  +   1068d ago
Shh don't give Nintendo ideas.


Motorola RAZR i
PS4isKing_82  +   1068d ago
Would be nice if Nintendo announces some extra bonus content to it before launch. Either way I'm still getting it cause it's one of my fav Zeldas ever.
Raider69  +   1068d ago
Rip off!Thats it!A price of a new game for a game that is been already released even if it adds some new features and a more clean face its still a rip off!Nintendo is seeing the black future ahead.
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TechnicianTed  +   1068d ago
'Nintendo is seeing the black future ahead. '

Lol, you drama queen. Haha.
silkylove  +   1068d ago
It's Zelda in HD. I'm buying it. A bunch of other people will buy it. Nintendo will make money. The world keeps on spinning.
catch  +   1068d ago
As a remake I am fine with this. If SE remade ff7 I would pay full price for that too. This is much more than a remaster and the quality of this game is so far above average there is no reason to hesitate in my mind.
xursz  +   1068d ago
Take a look at the screenshots of the game, it looks... bad. I get that its an upgrade from GCN but its exclusive to with their new system and it doesn't do it any justice, imo. Its not much of an improvement visually.
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MartinB105  +   1068d ago
I never owned a GameCube or Wind Waker, so I was really looking forward to playing this, but I was expecting the price to more reasonable given the age of the game.

I wasn't necessarily it to be as low as, say, Okami HD, given the immense popularity of the Zelda franchise, but I certainly wasn't expecting a full priced release either.

Yes, I appreciate that the game is a remake and has new assets, but the game is over ten years old and certainly doesn't require the complete work of an original game: i.e. design and experimentation phases that an original game would require.

Yet, for some reason, Nintendo are arrogant and seem to think their games are of inherently more value and therefore demand higher prices for longer periods than those of their peers and competitors.

This is fairly obvious if you look around. The average price of first-party 1-4 year old Wii games tends to be at least double the price of first-party PS3 games of the same age. Similarly, N64 Virtual Console games are consistently priced about twice as much as PSOne Classics on PSN.

Then there is the fact that Nintendo didn't even contemplate the notion of any game being priced lower than 500 Wii Points when they set the minimum price limit on WiiWare products, despite the fact that the majority of those games are throwaways and of such limited size (50MB maximum) that the majority can't even hope to compare to any of the digital releases on PSN or XBLA.

So if there's one company that I would expect to try to pull off a $60 price on a remake, it's Nintendo.

Such a shame if this is true, as $60 far exceeds my maximum price threshold for a remake of a ten-year old game.

I'll wait for a price drop. Or maybe just sell my Wii U, since I'll probably have the PS4 by the time this comes out anyway. :p
TheGamingArt  +   1068d ago
Well, they'll definitely make the money off of hardcore Zelda fans and then they can drop the price whenever they please. It's pretty disgusting considering Nintendo has never played the fair price card on remakes (Ocarina of Time cough).
tweet75  +   1068d ago
Im not going to pay more for an 11 year old game that costs more than the original even if has a few upgrades.
zeldafreak404  +   1068d ago
If I were developer I would be mad if wasnt priced at 60 dollars because its a complete remake updated to HD and added quests and features
deafdani  +   1068d ago
Seeing how Nintendo charged full price for the Ocarina of Time remake for 3DS, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they charged full price for the Wind Waker remake for Wii U. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I expect them to do.

And, as the article says, maybe it will raise some eyebrows... but again, if the Ocarina remake is anything to go by, the vast majority of consumers ultimately won't give a shit about the price and still buy it in droves.

Myself included! :P
lizard81288  +   1068d ago
This is Nintendo
Most, if not all of their remakes sell for full price. LoZ:OoT 3D was at full price and that was an N64 game. Nobody should be surprised. Shoot, Super Mario 64 DS is still $40.
Thepcz  +   1068d ago
was anyone expecting anything but a full retail price?

all nintendo games come at full retail price. the only time they release game at a budget price is when they do a platinum/classic series (re-releases of major games on the same console)etc

this game will be worth the full price.

if the price is steeper than usual, its probably because of the costs involved in working with new tech and the cost of the new medium (essentially a bluray disc).

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