God of War: Ascension Review [GameRevolution]

GR: "Kratos returns to the PS3 for another adventure in ancient time and across ancient space. Will the God of War falter in his early days or can Santa Monica Studio exact vengeance on gamers once again?"

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Sev1153d ago

Looks like critics are loving the multiplayer. It's really excellent. So much better than I thought it would be.

Now, all I want is a fully co-op campaign.

TrendyGamers1153d ago

I'll be giving the multiplayer a go eventually.

Wedge191153d ago

Where your partner experiences dementia and you need to protec- oops... wrong game.

It's great to hear that the multi is a good addition though, especially because most games fall short when they try this.

ftwrthtx1153d ago

I'm so looking forward to this.

alexcosborn1153d ago

Glad to hear multiplayer is a blast.

Bummed the single-player isn't quite as epic, though.

knifefight1153d ago

Another review claiming good multiplayer? O_O I did not see this coming at all.