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The multiplayer's a bust, but God of War: Ascension's campaign is a gloriously bloody adventure filled with exhilarating combat.

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LOGICWINS2025d ago

I'm afraid to look at the video review due to spoilers :/

aceitman2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

there negatives-Chilled out Kratos isn't anywhere near as exciting as angry Kratos
Multiplayer lacks originality and compelling modes.
really I thought it was original haven't seen this before . im getting upset at reviews nit picking stuff that really isn't reviewing , saying oh theres not a lot of big titan fights kratos is chilled not angry . I call bs on reviews on any game that nitpick like this . it should be graphics / story / gameplay / multiplayer . how good is it this way . other wise they cant find much to say wrong . so it drops the score to 8.0 for those 2 negatives .

Revolver_X_2025d ago

GS has BSed reviews for a long time. It doesnt seem to be on track to match or beat GoW3 reviews, which is sad. It looks and plays better then 3. From the Destructoid review, I gather the story is great as well.

DoomeDx2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

^ I actually think GameSpot is one of the most reliable review sites you can use

creatchee2025d ago

I think that Kratos' mood is a big part of the God of War series. From 1, where he is merely angry, to 3 where he is absolutely PISSED, his mood and outlook actually were quite in tune with what was going on on the screen. Things got even more furious as the series progressed, and the player felt that and their experience was shaped by that rage and quest for revenge.

I personally don't even want to imagine a chilled-out Kratos, because to me, he's always been a mad dude. I'm sure the reviewers are maybe overexaggerating that point a bit, but it makes sense that he isn't in the same mindset as before. I just hope that it doesn't degrade the quality of the game. I have faith though.

SephirothX212025d ago

8.0 is a good score. A review score is not based on the sum of all the game's parts. If you think it deserves better, why are you so concerned with someone else's opinion?

FunAndGun2025d ago

"Multiplayer lacks originality and compelling modes."

What other online multiplayer game resembles Ascension in any way? It is an objective based three dimensional class based fighter. MP might not be for everyone but that is just stupid.

not, disagreeing with you aceitman, just the review.

Revolver_X_2025d ago

If that was true, then thats a problem. A review is based on a game's entirety. Not nit picking parts to fit a number you wanna give. The problem is that does happen. 8 is a good score. As a fan of GoW like Ace, is there a problem with wanting it to get 9's and even 10's? These days you have to be concerned with reviews by the sheer amount of trolls/sheep. At last though, my opinion is the one I value most. Thanks for your great superior insight.


There's nothing original about this style of MP. Powerstone started this type of MP way back on dreamcast

SuperLupe2025d ago

I expect both this and Geow Judgement to score 8-ish.

Too much of the same too late.

AsimLeonheart2025d ago

I dont know why the media is out to get GOW when numerous sequels, prequels and reboots get released each month. Nobody complains about Forzas, Halos, Gears of Wars, Marios, Zeldas and Assasins Creeds. This is only the second GOW title this gen and media is going crazy over it.

007Bond2025d ago

It deserves lower reviews, it's just another mindless hack and slash for action morons with a crappy story like the last 3

snipes1012025d ago

People have been saying all over that the story is boring. So, there goes your story argument. And gameplay-wise, it's the same formula that GoW had when it started, which for some reason warrants vitriol for other game series while this one gets a pass.

People are angry over an 8? Really?

knowyourstuff2024d ago

People are so bitter and jaded. You can't say a game isn't original if the only other games like it are the other games in the franchise.

Call of Duty and Battlefield can be charged with this, not God of War. No other games do it like God of War. None have the scale, the amazing graphics, the brutal fights, the exhilarating combat, the rewarding gameplay, the awesome storyline, I could go on and on.

As for Multiplayer, you claim it isn't good, but don't call it unoriginal, as there isn't a single hack and slash multiplayer game out there that plays anything close to it.

DOMination-2024d ago

8/10 is about what id expect from both this and Judgement. Both are last minute cash ins. I personally don't know a single person excited for either.

People saying it deserves higher when they haven't played it yet.. Come on that's stupid.

andibandit2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


nice job of trying to make it sound like they are nitpicking....i did you a favour and made a short summary of the negative stuf they said:

This time Kratos is fueled by a search for the truth, instead of revenge, which makes the battles a little less rewarding.

Most things were taken to there logical conclusion in GOW3, so theres an element of fatigue at play.

Boss battles remain formulaic and not as taxing as the previous games due to simple patterns and QTE's.

The platform sections, in which kratos use his blade to swing across the environment, suffers from akward camera angles and many of the sections go on for too long, leaving you itching to get back into the combat.

Multiplayer seems tacked on and the combat seems slowed down to allow for human reactions, but more often than not,
simply mashing buttons is enough to net you a kill.

The levelling system dosn't bring anything that hasn't been seen before, but works well enough.
You are unlikely to play the multiplayer for long as it simply isn't deep enough to hold your attention for long.

lastdual2024d ago

It sounds like a disconnect between story and gameplay.

On the one hand, Kratos is less anger-driven than in past games. But on the other hand, he's more vicious and violent than ever before.

The contrast makes for a jarring combination that just doesn't add up well when taken in context of the larger story.

TwoMinTy2024d ago

I agree. Every review for Ascension that I've seen so far has given the game a good score (7-9) but only mentioned the things they don't like, which ultimately don't matter. Like the absence of bosses on the level of the gods. this is the first game chronologically, why would there be? If Kratos starts off killing stuff that powerful, that would make his slaughter of the Gods in GoW3 way less epic/anticipated.
And a review complained that they didn't keep the same weapons as GoW3. Again, chronology. He can't use weapons he hasn't acquired yet..... These aren't things that should drop a game's score....

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miyamoto2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

8/10 from Gamespot is means a 8.5 or 9

not bad

@Doomed DX

I agree.


"Chilled-out Kratos!"
too cool to be cruel? LOL!

I owe it to myself to play this game out of self respect.

JJOR642025d ago

8/10 from GameSpot means 8/10.

miyamoto2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

@ JJOR64

Tell that to the people who played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Like Zelda: Skyward is a big Wii exclusive GOW: Ascension is a PS3 exclusive.

This is the perfect time to gain more internet traffic for all the gaming sites.

It happens all the time. This crazy frenzy every time a big PS3 exclusive releases.

Look at the sites that give it 8 to 9.5 no one hardly goes there. So 7.5 below or a perfect 10 will guarantee clicks.

Remember God of War III?
It was bashed left and right but it did not prevent the game from selling 9.19 million copies.

And GOW: Ascension technically tops GOW III in every aspect with MP as a bonus.

Don't take them reviews seriously.
Play the demo. Its free.
Real world gamers vote with their wallets not reviews.

Let the true gamer in you be the judge.

etownone2024d ago

@ miyamoto

Where did you get your 9+ million sales for Gow3?

Last I checked it sold over 4 million.

Derekvinyard132025d ago

Maybe it didn't need multiplayer

showtimefolks2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

i like gamespot and their reviews. they are a bit more harsh but they really let you know about all the pros and cons

if GS gave it a 8/10 than its easily a 8.5-9/10 from most other sites. And by now most GOW fans shouldn't need a review score we know how GOW games feel and play a score isn't gonna tell em if i should buy it or not unless its a 2/10

i wish one day david jaffe directs another GOW game for ps4

Hingle_Mcringleberry2025d ago

Gamespot gave GoW III a 9. Does that mean it actually got 9.5's and 10's and 11's from other sites?

LordHiggens2024d ago


Kratos Kills Everything.


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LOGICWINS2025d ago

If you have any reservations about watching the video review, well, don't. NO major spoilers. Very well done by Gamespot. It makes me want the game even more :)

HeavenlySnipes2024d ago

Only thing I disagreed with was the MP bit. He must have only playe with other reviewers, because the MP is more in depth then just button mashing against good players. (Even more so in that arena battle MP mode in the Hercules backdrop, timing is key)

I only played the MP the last weekend that it was out, and I had loads of fun even with all the restrictions they put. All the collectibles in the game reminded me of Uncharted and there are many armor pieces and weapons available making almost every character look unique.

The different classes also add interesting dynamics to the game, the verticality and dynamic maps also spice things up too. I don't get what this guy was saying about the MP because even for the short time I played it, I was instantly hooked.

RIP_Weazel2025d ago

I enjoyed the MP beta, and have loved the sp campaigns in all previous gow's, so 1st day buy for me.

itBourne2025d ago

Lol... oh the critics.
The bad: Chilled out Kratos isn't anywhere near as exciting as angry Kratos.
Wtf, after all you critics bitch about how God of War is a great game but Kratos is a bad character. Just screams, is very shallow, and always angry.

TheFallenAngel2025d ago

I was fixing to say the same. Now they complain about a calm kratos. I guess you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Good_Guy_Jamal2025d ago

Is it the same people that complained? Because last I checked, GoW 3 got excellent reviews. Is it my understanding that we trust journalists and reviewers when they like the games we like and hate them when they give the games we worship good and not excellent scores?

StrawberryDiesel4202024d ago

Agree, an 8/10 is completely acceptable. Maybe the game is a 9 or 10, however, everyone's opinion is different and as long as the reviewer at least recognizes the game is solid(reflected by his score) it's a good review. He didn't give the game a 6/10 which would be average to below average, 8/10 is good, he may just not be a rabid fan of God of War, still recognized the game is good though. A fan of the series probably would review it a 9 or 10. Anything less than an 8/10 for a game like this is a poor review most likely.

itBourne2024d ago

Oh no, I find it funny. I could careless what a journalist gives it, its a buy for me. I dont trust scores at all, and really only rely on opinions of journalists I know and listen to on podcasts, because then I know their tastes. If they dont like something and it seems out of their element then I know it just wasnt for them.

itBourne2024d ago

Not to mention when it comes to multiplayer, i trust NO journalists, hell I dont even trust the developers. For one they are typically awful at the game, for two the world wants crap mp that appeals to masses right now = /, not things at are actually competitive.

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nevin12025d ago


"I call bs on reviews on any game that nitpick like this "

By that logic, people cant say "little things like that makes the game great" If you what I mean.