Destructoid-Review: God of War: Ascension

DToid:God of War has never looked or played better than this. Kratos has never been as deep or interesting as this. They've set the bar so high that I have no idea how they'll be able to follow this one up. Sony Santa Monica should be proud. Series fans should be proud.

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DivineAssault 1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

cant wait! Just when u think Kratos has no1 left to kill, this comes around showing santi monica is full of great ideas & talent.. Multiplayer too? yep im on it

imtheman20131901d ago

I can't wait! Seriously, if this actually tops God of War 3, I'll be super impressed. Contender for best action game of the year and, possibly, the generation.

SlyFamous021901d ago

I doubt it will, then again there is no game in the genre that will top GOW3.

DivineAssault 1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

dont set yourself up for failure.. The reviews all say the boss battles dont feel as epic as GOW 3 because they arent as "iconic" as before.. Its still a fantastic game but not like the rush u get in GOW 3 when ur tearing everyone to shreds that even looks ur way lol & murdering such well known greek gods.. Im buying it cuz it has single & multiplayer plus Kratos is always welcome here...

C0MPUT3R1901d ago

The bar is really high it almost feels like a double standard. PS3 exclusives got that rep.

SlyFamous021901d ago

I wonder when that one 2/10 review is going to show up. Anyway, cant wait to pick this up.

GiggMan1901d ago

Don't worry it'll be at the top of the page with over 1000º and 200 comments. Works every time...

Silly gameAr1901d ago

I started taking bets as soon the first reviews started coming in.

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