God of War: Ascension Review [PSLS]

PSLS: Adding multiplayer to such a single-player focused series doesn’t always turn out well, and only detracts from what would have been an otherwise exceptional experience. But the Gods of Olympus have smiled upon this one.

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ftwrthtx1904d ago

Can't wait to jump in the story of this one. Not really excited for the multiplayer though.

TrendyGamers1904d ago

I'll definitely be completing the single player before checking out the multiplayer.

dbjj120881904d ago

Your excitement should be the other way around. Multiplayer is kick-ass.

ftwrthtx1904d ago

I found the beta to be OK.

knifefight1904d ago

The story of this console generation.

Wedge191904d ago

I'm excited for this. After the lackluster multiplayer the Tomb Raider had, this one sounds like it will be fun.

alexcosborn1904d ago

Who would have though multiplayer would end up being its redeeming quality?