God Of War: Ascension video review & gameplay – lets talk Kratos OPM

OPM: Here’s our video review of God Of War Ascension packed full of slicey gameplay. I chat to Mieks about his review, covering both the single and multiplayer elements of the game. How does this prequel fair and is it a worthy see off to Kratos on PS3?

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DivineAssault 1874d ago

good enough for me.. Im getting it

Hingle_Mcringleberry1874d ago

Well it's official, average game is average. Yes, 8 is average these days.

BanBrother1874d ago

Ummm, no it isn't. LMAO troll, 8/10 is considered a good game by most people. Besides, I didn't see you in here when it got a 9/10 (36/40) from Famitsu.

7 is average, 8 is good. Some of my favourite games are around the 8 mark. The Darkness, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia. Some could easily argue they deserve at least a 9/10.

Scores mean nothing. The game, if you were following it is very good. They even made a domination MP mode work, in a Hack N Slash.

Unicron1874d ago

LOL metacritic. For those who can't form their own opinion.

LessThan2Tflops1874d ago

I can't form my own opinion of a game that hasn't been released

Hicken1874d ago

But you'll form your "opinion" after it's released, without having played it, so what's the difference?

Heavenly King1874d ago

This game is spectacular how is it the it not getting more 9/10!


fsfsxii1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Have you played the game too???
You've been spamming n4g all day lol

SDF Repellent1874d ago


Darn dude, you been on every GOW articles that have scores of 8 and below all day long and defending it like your first born. It is only a computer game, don't take it too seriously. LOL

sparta761874d ago

Good score, but the guy keeps bringing up gow3, the scale of the boss battles. This is before kratos became a god. So you shouldn't really compare the scale if the boss battles is not like you going to fight Zeus. Good score either way, can't wait to get my hands on this

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