Dragon Age 3: 5 Ingredients For A Great Game

"Dragon Age 3 has been teased by EA for a while now without any real info regarding the game. What we do know is that the game is being prepared for next-gen consoles, so we should see a pretty big leap in terms of visual quality for the Dragon Age games. " |

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sonicsidewinder1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Can't wait to pay more money after buying the game for the best weapons & armour via micro-transaczies!

haha, it's gonna be so great! xD

Hehehhee, nah i'm joking, I would never buy this game.

NeoTribe1840d ago

After the disaster that was da2, ima be very cautious with this one. Origins was a fantastic game but da2 was such garbage its not even funny.

linkenski1840d ago

I know they are two different teams, but Bioware Montreal who made Mass Effect 3, seemed to dumb down the dialogue in Mass Effect 3 compared to ME2, and for some reason i have a hunch that it might happen to DA3 as well, since it seems that Bioware think it makes the main character "more human" when they have more autodialogue. To me that's BS, because it can easily work with more choices, but of course the game will need more development time and polish.

I think you're gonna get the same sort of dialogue system in DA3, since it's gonna be about Hawke again, but it would have been best if they just made you a silent protagonist again :/