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Submitted by Upstate8987 1071d ago | opinion piece

Why The FPS Rage? A Look at Call of Duty Camping and Sniping

Here is a look at camping and sniping in Call of Duty, from the perspective of an annoyed gamer. Why do people complain about the tools given to them by the developers? Matthew Schuchman from Den of Geek takes a look into camping and sniping, and other deemed annoyances by Call of Duty gamers (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Mutant-Spud  +   1071d ago
I'm a BF3 man so I don't mind snipers and campers so much but the reality is that most people suck at both.Playing cat and mouse with a genuinely good player is part of the fun but I'll never understand the player who will sit right next to his spawn beacon at the edge of the map, or at the top of a crane round after round and be satisfied with two or three kills per game.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1071d ago
I use to hate campers a while back ago, but then when I stopped to think about it, I can't really fault them guys.

In real life, not one of you guys would be running around when you know that other guys are moving around with guns. So to me, snipers are some of the smartest and deadliest guys in FPS games and in real life. They have to learn how to blend in with their environment and how to be accurate with their limited ammunition.

To be honest, I'm more annoyed at those guys that rush you at superhuman speed while making zero noises. That's more unrealistic, and I feel that it kills from the experience. But then again, that's just my opinion.

I don't see the point in Getting 12 kills if it means that I also died 10 times. I'm more happy with 7 kills and no death. And the Kill Cam is nice, but it should be automatically turned off after you reach a certain 10 or 15. Meaning that you've had enough time to play all the maps and get familiar with them, so you should be able to tell the general direction in which a shot came from.

Also, take away Target Finder, and that MMS Scanner sights, really cheap in my opinion.
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Hicken  +   1071d ago
Depends on the game. In general, Call of Duty is a bad place for campers and snipers, because the maps are too small for any sort of sensible sniping, and generally poorly designed so a camper can take advantage of well-used spots on the map, from which they're nearly invulnerable.

The map sizes of others games, however, means sniping is perfectly valid. And because there are snipers(and often higher player counts), you may want to camp a bit to AVOID being a quick kill. I'm okay with campers and snipers in a game like Battlefield because it's a legitimate playing style: you've still gotta work for your kills on such big maps with so many ways around them.

But in something like Call of Duty, it's more taking advantage of poor design, and cheapens the experience by requiring less skill, in my opinin.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1071d ago
some good points you've made there Hicken..
grayfoxx881  +   1071d ago
Yes you can fault people that play like that. Their effort contributes NOTHING to their team.

In actual combat, yes, no one just runs around lighting up everything they see foregoing cover. Yes, in actual combat snipers can be quite deadly. I've also read that in some scenarios, snipers and their spotters must stay in the same area for days, and shit in little plastic bags. I'm glad Battlefield 3 is nothing like that.

In Battlefield 3, though, snipers that camp are not smart, nor are they deadly. I love sneaking up on those campers and knifing them. They aren't even smart enough to move after a few kills.

When a player goes 12 and 10, you know that person is trying, be it objective or TDM. They have died because they are fighting for that flag. When a player goes 7 and 0, they are at the bottom of the scoreboard and haven't done shit for their team. Kill Cams should be turned off? Hmmmm.....I think I may have knifed you a few times before.

I know what player category you fall under. I just wouldn't ever want you on my team.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1071d ago
"Kill Cams should be turned off? Hmmmm.....I think I may have knifed you a few times before."

I'm sure you have, especially given that I've yet to play BF3...

And dude you can guarantee yourself that I don't give sh!t no whether or not you want me on your team. Is it an honor to be on your team or something? pfff please..
grayfoxx881  +   1071d ago
Given that I have not seen your gamertag, I couldn't possibly know if I've ever played against you before, in any game for that matter. I have played against people with your type of mentality in regards to camping, though. I was figuratively speaking, stop being so dense.

Sorry, it's no great honor being on my team. I just don't appreciate people not pulling their weight. Plenty of other people feel the same way I do.

By the way, great job defending your play style, scrub.
JedMan1985  +   1071d ago
Guys, guys,guys, can't we all just get along??
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1071d ago
"By the way, great job defending your play style, scrub."

Lol, yet I've never mentioned anything about my playing style.

Nice job displaying your lack of reading comprehension though.


It's a little tougher to get along with someone who can't comprehend that just because you don't look down upon something, doesn't mean that you actually do it yourself.

The dude don't know squat about me, yet he's running and excluding me from his "Legendary Team" already.

Plus I'm a scrub now too...
Animal Mutha 76  +   1071d ago
Totally agree with you cupid.

Snipers and holding your ground do have a place as they do in real warfare but the COD maps make such a strategy tough.

On BF3 sometimes I go assault and move around on the rampage. Other times I fancy a sniper session and If I only get a few kills thats fine as long as they are decent long shots.

The running knifers and quick scopers in COD are the real problem. Last night I got shot 7 times buy the same guy quickscoping. I just couldnt get a full volley off before he nailed me and he was spawn raping us.

I too value KDR as an objective. 30 kills is pointless if you die 25 times. If I have a round where the KDR is 2 or more I'm happy.
reddead255  +   1071d ago
thats just one of the many reasons why i stoped playing black ops 2 it is by far at its highest point of awful of every word you can think of in relation to the word awful
Heisenburger  +   1071d ago
JedMan1985  +   1071d ago
Really? Its that bad?
brettyd  +   1071d ago
BO2 has tried to eliminate camping by making every room have more than one access point. I think it's pretty effective, snipers really grind my gears though.
caseh  +   1071d ago
The game inherently approves of camping, anyone who can't see that is deluded.

You have very little health, if you come under fire you die quickly. With that in mind if you walk into a room unaware of someone hiding in the corner you're pretty much guaranteed to die before you can even turn to face them. On top of that the game awards someone whos getting kills by giving them streak that give them even more kills. And there you have yet another incentive to camp.

This was never an issue with games like Quake or Unreal Tournament. You could camp but it was never effective against any half decent player as they had time to react, none of this 2 shots in the back and you're dead.

9 times out of 10, you kill someone on BO2 and you hear 'ZOMG Campin...' before the mic cuts off, doesn't matter where you kill them or if you are running about randomly when you get the kill. The word camping is synonymous to CoD, no other game really has that.
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_QQ_  +   1071d ago
that is why i prefer MOBA and RTS games for online gaming.
BanBrother  +   1071d ago
MOBA's, the only games that make the CoD fanbase look mature and intelligent.

I'm sorry but MOBA's have the stupidest people in the world. I can never get into them, as everyone is a screaming kid who swears and complains non-stop. I don't play CoD, but I'd play it any day over a MOBA lol.
_QQ_  +   1071d ago
maybe LOL or HON,but play Dota2, the community is better.also don't insult the entire community because of a few experiences you had. most of the noob brackets are where those bitchy people are, so as a first timer its no wonder you ran into them allot.
BanBrother  +   1071d ago
Not a first timer. Played DotA to death when it first came out for years. Played it more than the actual RTS side of WC3.

Trust me, it is no secret that the community for those games are the worst. It is just people constantly screaming "WTF", "Noob", "OMG", "KS" and "REPORTED".

In LoL I have levelled up to 30, and stopped. The community in DotA isn't much better, but at least they know how to play. With MOBA's, maybe 1 in 10 games will be semi-peaceful if you are extremely lucky.
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Kingthrash360  +   1071d ago
Imo camping in the cod series is a sin because of the smaller maps. Sniper cod campers are fine with me because thats what snipers may lose a lot of close up gun fights when armed with a sniper rifle vs a smg. Its kinda worthless if you dont camp...but unforgivable when you camp with a smg. No such thing as campers in bf, stages are big, snipers can be deadly and tanks are rolling around. I absolutely love sniping on bf there is no feeling like getting a head shot from the other side of the map and getting marksmanship bonus points...
That practically sold me on bf.
sak500  +   1071d ago | Well said
Hate the snipers but i found a good tool against them in blops2. HAMR + Target finder. So those B$%$%hes can't hide unless they use cold blood and waste their 2nd perk. What annoys me is guys on our team who will just stand from few feet away from capture point and not move in while i try to capture it slowly and right before i get it someone shoots me. If only those idiots were to join me we would capture the points quickly. Anyway i dont usually hook up with n00bs and have my own like minded friends whom i team up with and we kick some serious hiney.

Yest got 3 x vsat 3 x emp 3 x swarm and that on YEMEN and w/o my friends in the game.
madjedi  +   1071d ago
Why the hell even mention snipping on call of duty, that is not snipping, running and gunning with a 50 cal and auto targeting at close range is bs.

You want snipping play battlefield, of course you will have to get used actually having to aim and lead the target.

I like how all snipers are useless because we don't help the team, if that is your attitude, why the hell should anyone take the extra effort to help you or your team.

Some people just play to have fun, not get uber tactical. And please bf3 became camper fucking heaven early on, between the auto frag rounds and everyone else having silenced lmgs on second story buildings.

Either bf3 became the new cod or the cod crowd flocked to bf3, because bc 2 wasn't that bad with cod style camping.

Yes those useless recon and engineers they only have to expose themselves with slow ass reloads of anti armor rounds or 5-6 seconds of being totally helpless to call in a mortar strike on enemy armor.
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