Age of Empires II HD arriving April 9

GS:Microsoft reveals updated version of RTS coming exclusively to Steam April 9; includes the Conquerors expansion.

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Lucreto2028d ago

Oh this will be mine.

I really hope this is a sign of Microsoft reviving the franchise.

zeal0us2028d ago

I'm glad they went the Steam route instead of the Games for Windows - LIVE route.

-Superman-2028d ago

Never played single-player. I always liked normal mode, big map, and you vs cpu

-Superman-2028d ago

Best of all, it has multiplayer.

3-4-52028d ago


My favorite series of all time.

I don't have a PC....Therefore I'm now saving up for a PC JUST for this game.

That is right....$800 just for this game. I mean I'll play some other old classics and probably the new Total War game, but mainly just for Age of Empires.

grailly2028d ago

you don't even have an old laptop lying around?

3-4-52028d ago

I have a macbook pro from 2007 that I'm currently using. My old PC's motherboard died when I realized I'd been using an under powered power supply for 4 years. It finally caught up and I haven't had one since but I used to PC game as much or more than anything. 40% of that was the Age of Empires series.

DeadlyFire2028d ago

A PC will last though and you could just "upgrade next time" :P

3-4-52027d ago

Only reason I have the Mac is for Logic Pro / making music, which it does very well. It's awful for gaming, as in it can't even run Age 2 properly without almost overheating.

Custom building a PC maybe this summer so I don't have to worry about this for another 5+ years.

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Say whatever you want, this is by far the best strategy game! "Aegis"

"How do you turn this on " at the end of the video ;)

SilentNegotiator2028d ago

Too bad Ensemble isn't around to make more. They go and make Ensemble create a console RTS that actual plays AND sells well, and then they split them up...sigh...

dcbronco2028d ago

Breaking up Ensemble was one move I didn't like. I believe a large part of the team was kept and added to another team. Hopefully they will get back to RTSs.

DeadlyFire2028d ago

Ensemble is just on the Bungie route. Doing its own thing. New studio is called Robot Entertainment. Completely free of Microsoft's domain, but they lack big money so they are making Orcs must die series. Which isn't a bad little series of tower defense games.

First line on the page states this.
Based in Plano, Texas, Robot Entertainment is a world-class independent game development studio owned and operated by many of the founders of Ensemble Studios.

princejb1342028d ago

cheese steak jimmy's
rock on
robin hood
and lumberjack

still remember these codes to get resources

loved this game
great times

Lucreto2028d ago

A sudden influx of food has saved me many times.

My favourite is "HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON"

That car defending my main gate saved me.

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thornh2028d ago

Please follow with Age of Mythology.

grailly2028d ago

oh yes! I've been trying for so long to get my starcraft/dota playing friends to try out aom, if it's remastered they'll have no more excuse.

Qrphe2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

One can only dream


HD hasn't meant anything in a while lol

aquamala2028d ago

silly to call it "HD" when the original already had higher resolution than 720p. but ok looking forward to it.

Kaiou2028d ago

Pretty sure it's meant for the textures and modern HUD/GUI scale , screen size doesn't mean anything.

DeadlyFire2028d ago

Sure, but at least it gets multiplayer back in it. Hard times dealing with side sites to get into a game these days HD will make it easy again to go online.

MSN Gaming Zone was the first game lobby system before XBL and all of that other stuff even gamespy I believe.

Some have issues with HD Resolutions on the old game on the newer versions of windows. So its a plus if all of those are fixed.

Swiggins2028d ago


My body is ready!

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The story is too old to be commented.