Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - New Screenshots

A few more screenshots emerge.

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RamsesNum11212d ago

I gotta admit, I didn't care much for Edward but now he's starting to grow on me.

FrigidDARKNESS1212d ago

THose are in engine screenies not actual gameplay screens.

SnotyTheRocket1211d ago

They are edited. It's called "Bullshots". It's more or less what the game looks like, just shiner.

Muffins12231211d ago

Well expect the game to look very similar to the engine...

RamsesNum11212d ago

Article has been updated with concept art for both Edward and Blackbeard.

Eamon1212d ago

My only hope is that the towns/cities are much more colourful with exciting architecture to climb. AC3's cities and towns were bland and boring.

uncharted561212d ago

I dont think you will ever get anything like AC2 or Brotherhood since there never was anything else like that time period except maybe japan

theWB271212d ago

Victorian time period can be just as much as Japan.

These would work well within a Creed game.

Eamon1212d ago

You guys are forgetting about the Middle East in AC1. Damascus and Jerusalem were beautiful.

KaBaW1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

At least the Assassins Outfit kinda fits in with the way alot of people would have dressed then.
And, with it, supposedly, focusing on ships and pirates, I hope it gives choices on who to 'hire.'
What ships you want to use, buy and sell, upgrade. Also keep with the trade system of AC3.
To be able to buy extra ships, or whatever else, to buy, sell, and trade materials.